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SEO, Content, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing that is transparent and produces results. We focus on a great client experience that delivers results.

Development Services

Website and Landing Page Design that converts. We implement cutting edge (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimization techniques that deliver data driven success.


Work With Us


There is no secret when it comes to what we work on a daily basis, we provide our clients with the specific tactics our team is working on and why.

Real Time Reporting

We make sure to know whats working, so we can cut what isn’t and double down on what is. With real time reporting on calls, leads and traffic, we deliver an unparalleled reporting process.


Our team specializes in a finite amount of industries, combining for decades of in-house experience dedicating tens of thousands of hours of hands on work to hone our carft.

30-60-90 Day Plans

No business is the same. A customized plan is created for every client we work with. Goals, competition, service areas and budget are all factors that weigh into a customized marketing plan. You'll know exactly what we're working on in the next 30, 60 and 90 days.






Exploring Trends in Keyword Usage Preference

How often do you consider the difference between “attorney” vs. “lawyer,” “DUI” vs. “DWI,” “accident” vs. “injury,” etc., when it comes to how you create your messaging and strategies for new client acquisition? You may know the critical differences between these terms. Still, I can guarantee that the average consumer does not, nor may not […]

What is Performance Max and Does it Work for Law Firms?

Performance Max first hit the digital marketing newswire nearly a year ago when the Search Engine Journal talked about the features and potential uses in its article, Everything We Know About Google’s Performance Max Campaigns. Article author Amy Bishop wrote, “The primary difference between Performance Max and other campaigns is that Google automates the targeting and […]

5 Updated Marketing Techniques That May Be Worth Prioritizing in 2022

As the days, weeks, and months continue to pass this 2022, we’re already seeing a few emerging trends presenting themselves as immediate opportunities with which businesses should engage sooner than later. In the past, we’ve put together lists of the top ten actions that businesses—and more specifically law firms—should be taking on an annual basis. […]



We focus on a great customer experience. By creating unique plans to win in your market, we provide unparalleled transparency, communication, and reliability that our clients have been counting on for years.

Weekly Zoom Calls, real-time reporting, and month-over-month analysis provide the necessary tools to keep you constantly informed.

We don’t waste time figuring out how to implement the right strategies to have success for your company and geographies. With decades of combined experience, proven processes, and a great track record, Market My Market will help your company become competitive and stay competitive.