Content Marketing

Our team of in-house writers is not only uncommon for the marketing industry, but extremely valuable for our clients. In addition to being able to ensure consistent quality control at a high standard, we can maintain the right tone, voice, and flow for content so the website content remains even, and our content writers can adapt to the specific qualities of your unique business.


One of our major core values is transparency – many SEO agencies would like you to believe what they are doing is proprietary or overly technical, both ways of withholding progress and work that’s being performed. We are strong proponents of SEO actually being fairly simple. SEO isn’t an extremely complex, inaccessible marketing approach only comprehended by a handful of computer-hacking geniuses. SEO is almost entirely a set of many clear actions that require strong attention-to-detail, a little ingenuity and problem-solving, and patience.

Social Media

Protect your brand and referrals by having an engaging presence on Social Media. Potential clients do their research before hiring a company. Showing the world your brand is active on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, will increase the likelihood of a potential client hiring you. Social Media is an additional opportunity to showcase your videos, reviews, team, offerings and personality. Market My Market helps brands create social strategies that convey exactly who you are and what you offer to potential clients.



Web Design

The most flashy, modern website doesn’t always win. The websites that work best are generally those that truly understand their audience and their ideal client. Market My Market uses consumer data we’ve gathered over years, along with feedback surveys, to understand what the average consumer is looking for, not just the business owner. Many approaches to web design have been what the business owner likes, and what appears to look good relative to their competition. What matters the most is what your ideal client is looking for.

Video Production

Videos are a great way to showcase your business across the web on your website or on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok. We help you every step of the way from storyboarding what you are going to be talking about to the execution of getting the video out to the world.