Over the past few months, the content team at Market My Market has received some encouraging praise from clients for the unique blog topics we present to them in each new content plan. Our legal clients, in particular, have shown enthusiasm for the ideas we propose for fresh content. 

It’s hard work that takes a little outside-of-the-box thinking. Sometimes, it’s an adventure down a rabbit hole you never knew existed. With a few handy tactics to start, you too can explore the seemingly endless possibilities to write content that will inform, entertain, and resonate with your audience.

Google News

A great way to research current events and trending topics is combing through Google News. While not all news articles apply to our clients’ services, it can be insightful to learn what the media is highlighting. Readers are often interested in popular topics and breaking news. I like to change the tools around to view recent news articles posted anytime between the last month and last year while alternating between only blogs or news articles. 

To view news articles within a specific time frame after searching for a topic in Google, click News > Tools > Recent > select a time frame or choose a custom time range. 

To see only blogs or news articles after searching in Google News, click Tools > All News dropdown option. 


This tool is especially helpful in getting quotes from experts on legal issues or learning public perspectives on a topic. Choosing blog and article topics relevant to what’s going on in the world today creates more engaging and thought-provoking content that our clients’ audiences are most likely to read.

Related Searches

Related searches are perhaps the least-considered method of developing blog ideas, but they can be helpful when you’re not sure where to start your research. In case you haven’t noticed, almost every time you conduct a Google search, the search engine will produce a group of related keyword searches below the last page result. These keywords may be invaluable in learning what your audience is looking for when searching topics associated with your industry.

No matter what your business does, related searches provide insight into how your potential clients come across your services. Sometimes, you can find a related search that stands out from the group and leads you down a new research path! Discovering topics you might not have thought of is an exciting feeling.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is a great way to discover why clients are drawn to some businesses over others. In addition, competitor research can help you search through topics that have large amounts of research already covered by your competitors or companies providing services similar to yours and find out why these topics are getting more buzz from particular audiences. Also, this type of research can provide you with topics that have bare bones information, giving you the opportunity to write something in-depth and engaging. 

The process for how to identify competitors is pretty straightforward. We start by searching companies that are in the same industry and locations as our clients. From there, we can see which businesses are at the top of Google’s search results. Then, we like to pick two or three successful companies and navigate through their web pages and blogs to see what approaches they take when creating content. This allows us to craft something that highlights similar points but with a different focus.

Blog Topic Research Strategies That Produce Results

Using these techniques, our content team has been able to create engaging blog topics that speak to our clients’ audiences and stand out on search engine results when potential customers search for solutions to their problems. The next time you’re tasked with crafting fresh online content, try these methods, and you’ll soon have your own list of exciting topics that boost traffic, rank on Google, and attract fans. 

At Market My Market, we’re thinkers, writers, and learners who love coming up with fresh ideas for our clients. To learn how we can boost your content marketing game, contact us for a free consultation