How to Use Q&A Platforms to Market Legal Services

Every day, millions of people use the web to search for answers to their most burning questions. In fact, Google reports that nearly 500 million unique queries are entered into its search engine on a daily basis, and that number has remained consistent for almost 15 years. With these staggering numbers, it’s no surprise that marketers are using question and answer platforms to promote their services.

In the world of law, there are many with questions and few with answers, making Q&A websites the perfect place to subtly market a firm. So, how can lawyers and firms leverage the power of legal questions to better promote their services

One of the most popular legal Q&A websites is Quora, with over 100 million monthly users. On Quora, the public asks legal questions and attorneys have the option to join in with answers. While this may seem like the perfect place to plaster a firm’s name and expertise, marketing via Q&A platforms is an exercise in the art of subtlety. Firms can take advantage of these platforms to generate leads and clients, but must do so in a very strategic manner. Here’s how:

Create an Attorney Profile

Creating a professional profile builds up an audience’s trust. As an attorney becomes more visible on these platforms and gains credibility, more users will view his or her profile for answers. To build this profile, start with your full name and a professional photo. A photo builds familiarity and trust with readers, and a full name will make it easier for readers to search for your answers in the future.

Next, add in credentials to familiarize readers with your practice. These credentials will be inserted after each answer you provide, so make certain to include concise and highly relevant information here. A profile credential is also necessary and should consist of any information that builds confidence in your ability, experience, and expertise. Mentioning a locale may also be beneficial to allow readers to locate you should they decide to seek your services. Where a profile asks for employment history, list your current position and the firm you work for. You should also list the school where you obtained your law degree.

Search for and Answer Relevant Questions

You can identify and answer common questions as they relate to your area of practice using the search feature. This feature can also help you identify common questions that may provide topics for your blog or marketing materials. Here, location-specific questions may also be answered that may direct potential clients to a particular firm’s services based on location. The most important thing to consider when answering questions on Q&A platforms is the amount of visibility they will receive. Take care to answer questions that have not already been answered by multiple other attorneys or questions that will most likely be viewed by very few people. Always answer questions that relate to your firm’s area of practice, and relate to the location of your firm in your answer if possible.

Add Credentials to Increase Authority in your Answers

The profile credentials that you added when building your profile elevate you as an authority when you answer a question. When providing an answer, be certain to choose the most relevant credential to display along with it. This will elicit confidence in the accuracy of your answer and may also attract potential clients to view your profile or search for your firm’s web page.

Consistently Answer Questions

Answering questions thoughtfully and consistently will build trust and credibility while expanding exposure. Regularly browse Q&A sites for relevant questions to build a reputation on these platforms. With a quality reputation, users are more likely to look to you for answers to their questions; and in metropolitan areas, this could possibly generate a consistent stream of qualified leads.

With the right approach to profile building on Q&A websites, attorneys and firms can build credibility while consistently and accurately marketing their services. Building a quality reputation on these platforms can take some time, but may truly pay off in the long run.