NJ Spine & Orthopedic

Bridgewater Township, NJ


Expand Online Visibility, Increase Surgical Volume

& Improve Online Reputation

NJ Spine & Orthopedic experiences tremendous growth in qualified leads, and a strengthened online brand reputation with multifaceted marketing campaign.


  • Drive more qualified traffic to key service pages on the website
  • Increase lead volume by optimizing highly visited pages for a better user experience
  • Expand presence on SERPs by developing tons of content around relevant and niche topics
  • Create and manage a PPC campaign that brings in qualified surgical cases
  • Increase the number of positive reviews across Google listings, and improve the average Google review rating

NJ Spine More Than Doubled Their Website Traffic and Quantity of Qualified Leads Through Comprehensive SEO & PPC Strategies. In Addition to That, Their Average Google Review Rating & Number of Reviews Climbed Significantly via Our Review Generation Efforts.

Results & Metrics:


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in first-time calls initiated from the website


Increase in calls initiated from their optimized Google My Business listings


Increase in average Google review rating


additional Google reviews (in 2021)

Ranking in the top 3 of Google for more than 60 targeted keywords


Increase in ad conversions from Google PPC campaign

Game Plan:

Seo & Link-building, Ad Campaign, Online Reputation Management

  • Add а continuous stream of fresh, new content to the site in the form of service pages and blogs. Re-optimize high traffic pages to maximize conversions and implement effective GEO pages designed to convert users from areas outside of the primary geographic areas.
  • Build high quality links from different reputable sources to increase website credibility and ranking potential
  • Improve the URL structure and internal page organization
  • Optimize Google My Business listings and implement a local link-building strategy 
  • Audit existing citations and secure placement in over a hundred local business directories
  • Implement PPC campaign to drive immediate traffic that converts into surgeries
  • Implement review generation strategy to increase the number of reviews and average review rating

Why it


Search Engine Marketing Experts

Our Search Engine Marketing experts used several SEM strategies to generate website traffic and collect leads. One of the strategies we used is called ``Remarketing.``This strategy involves targeting individuals who visited your website and showed аn interest in your service but never actually signed up. Retargeting markets to a group of people who you already know are interested in your business. We also used Remarketing to advertise on social media. Other SEM techniques we used included Pay Per Click (PPC}, Display Advertising, and more.

Understanding the Competition

Analyzing the pros and cons of competitor sites highlights areas for improvement. Is their site loading faster? Do they cover a key topic much more thoroughly? Do they have а better UX? Knowing the answer to these questions and many more helps us formulate actionable strategies that will have a positive impact.

Content Is King

The phrase ``content is king`` has almost become a cliche in the digital marketing industry. However, even after numerous algorithm updates and changes, content remains the most important factor in ranking pages. By writing additional content for a website and optimizing it properly, rankings can be greatly improved.

The Importance of Links

Links are one of the most important factors in how search engines determine a website's rankings. Websites with large numbers of backlinks from a variety of different reputable sources are considered more authoritative and, as such, achieve higher rankings. We do extensive link-building for our clients. This is key to a good long-term SEO strategy.