Rockland Dental Specialists

New City, NY


Increase Organic Traffic

& Online Brand Visibility

Rockland Dental Specialists Experiences Long-Term Growth in Leads & Brand Reputation with Marketing Campaign


  • Design and build a highly converting website
  • Increase the volume, and improve the quality, of traffic to the website
  • Generate more quality leads by converting organic traffic
  • Increase the website’s visibility in organic search results and Google Maps
  • Strengthen the practice’s online reputation through positive review generation
  • Mock up and launch new, optimized website design
  • Update existing citations and submit the site to over a hundred more online business directories

Rockland Dental Nearly Doubled Their Organic Traffic Through a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Results & Metrics:


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in first-time calls from the website


Increase in calls from Google My Business


More Positive Reviews on Google My Business

Rockland Dental Wanted To Position Themselves As The Top

Periodontist in New City and the surrounding areas

Game Plan:

SEO & Link-Building, Remarketing, Ad Campaign, Review Curation

  • Revamp existing metadata on the website, and re-optimize all pages
  • Audit online citations, and build over a hundred new online business profiles
  • Add an ongoing stream of fresh, original content to the site in the form of blogs and service pages
  • Build high quality links from different reputable sources to increase website credibility
  • Launch a Facebook remarketing campaign
  • Launch email campaign to request online reviews from past customers

Why it


The Importance of Link

Links are one of the most important factors in how search engines determine a website's rankings. Websites with large numbers of backlinks from a variety of different reputable sources are considered more authoritative and, as such, achieve higher rankings.

We do extensive link-building for our clients. This is key to a good long-term SEO strategy.

Proper On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization involves the use of headings, internal links, external links, alt tags, titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and more in order to make a website more easily readable and understandable to search engines.

Using the right mix of on-site and off-site optimization is key to good SEO.

Content Is King

The phrase ``content is king`` has almost become a cliché in the digital marketing industry. However, even after numerous algorithm updates and changes, content remains the most important factor in ranking pages.

By writing additional content for a website and optimizing it properly, rankings can be greatly improved.

Effective Paid Advertising

There are many benefits to gain from a remarketing campaign. They increase brand exposure and boast higher conversion rates, since they target people who already showed an initial interest in your services. Additionally, remarketing campaigns are relatively inexpensive (working on a pay-per-click basis) and offer double-branding exposure (paid & organic), as well as measurable results.

Online Reputation Matters

In the business world, reputation is everything. Especially online, where people have easy access to
reviews and complaints about your business. Ignoring your reviews can be detrimental to your success, while actively improving your rating will incentivize potential customers to convert.