Email marketing can be a powerful tool for many law firms. Millions of businesses take advantage of this tool every day and have been for decades. With that in mind, law firms should be especially conscious of getting lost in the crowd. Think of the number of emails you receive on a daily basis. Do you read them all? To make sure your firm stands out in a vast sea of emails, keep these tips in mind when crafting your marketing campaign.

Be Human

As an attorney, there are few things more important than building trust and rapport with your clients. Speak to your audience as if you are actually speaking to each reader in person. You want your emails to be relatable if your goal is getting your audience to read them. To add more of a human element to your message, consider addressing readers by name and ending each email with a signature from someone specific within your firm.


Readers want to see information that is relevant to them, which is why personalization is key. Consider segmenting your email lists to deliver relevant information to each reader. Segmented emails have shown nearly 15 percent more opens than non-segmented campaigns due to increased specificity. By segmenting, you can separate your audience based on several different factors that allow you to provide specific and targeted information to them. To further personalize your emails, consider including your subscribers’ names in your emails and detailing services that are relevant to their needs.

Work on Your Subject Lines

Your subject line will determine whether your readers open your emails or dump them straight in the trash. You want your email to stand out among the dozens of emails your readers receive every day. In order to do that, spend some time developing an enticing subject line that will make your readers want to learn more.

Don’t Rely on Visuals

Visuals can be a powerful tool to enhance your message, but you shouldn’t rely on them to get your point across. Many people block image loading within emails and if you include numerous images, there’s a good chance they won’t have the intended effect. If you do include images make sure to create an alt tag for each one. This will help convey your message even if your audience can’t see your visuals.

Incorporate Your Brand

Including your branding in your email campaigns helps establish who you are and what you stand for. This builds a sense of trust with your audience and helps create valuable relationships. You want your audience to associate you with your brand so consider including your logo at the beginning of your email, either centered or in the top left corner. Keep all colors and fonts consistent with your branding and if you include images, make sure they enhance your brand’s message.

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