Meet Katie McLoughlin, one of our dedicated and innovative content writers at Market My Market! Katie went to school at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania but was born and raised in New Jersey, where she calls home. She joins us with a wealth of experience in academic publishing and loves that no two days at MMM are exactly alike. 

Katie’s commitment, versatility, and writing prowess make her one of our rising stars. While she enjoys collaborating closely with her team and producing top-notch content, you may find her outside of work enjoying a classic New Jersey bagel or working on perfecting her hand lettering.

Q&A with Katie

What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like For You?

“Honestly, it’s different every day, which I think is the fun part. But usually, I’m an organized chaos kind of person. I’m organized, but I kind of pick and choose what I want to do at the moment. It’s usually a little bit of everything. A little writing, a little social, and then a little work on my rock project. But the ratio is different every day, so it’s hard to have a ‘day in the life’ kind of thing.”

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

“I think it’s working with such a great team. We have such a good team that is really good at communicating, working together, and being there when we need something. That’s definitely number one.”

What is the Most Challenging Aspect About Your Job?

“We have a lot of clients that are similar or are in similar fields. Sometimes that can be tricky to navigate writing very similar content. We’ve been getting more clients, which is a good thing, but it is also more work, even if it’s fun. But I think balancing the new clients coming in and also writing for the clients we already have can be tough. But, it all works out at the end of the month.”

What is Your Favorite Project You Have Worked on at MMM?

“Honestly, right now, it’s the StoryBranding stuff I’m doing with the other writers on that track. At first, I wasn’t really sure what it was, but as I’ve learned more about it, I’ve found it really helpful. If I apply it to what I’m writing, it helps make the content more personalized. Now that I’ve learned so much about it, I think it’s been really valuable to the whole team and my own writing. It’s been really fun.” 

Describe Your Perfect Saturday

“I love to sleep in on the weekends because I need sleep and I am not a morning person. So I like to sleep until like nine or nine-thirty. Then, I go get a New Jersey bagel, and from there, it’s really wherever the wind takes me. Usually, I like to go shopping or maybe do something productive. Usually, I just like having a free afternoon of whatever I feel like doing. Then I may go out with a friend or my brother at night, and that’s really fun. After that, I just get to have a relaxing evening.”

What’s Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

“I have two very different sides to me. I have a really shy, quiet, and nervous kind of side that I think people see more often. But when I’m with my friends, I’m really loud and probably really annoying. I’m very outgoing, and I think sometimes people don’t know that. They don’t know that I’m kind of crazy like that until they go out somewhere with me. But I would say that’s the kind of thing that surprises most people when they get to know me a little better.”

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“Oh my gosh. It’s hard to say. I kind of like that I don’t know because there’s fun in that. But I’m hoping to not be in the city I’m currently living in, fingers crossed. I would love it if, in five years, I was living my best life by myself and leveling up my career.”