2022 In Review So Far features Chuki Obiyo, Brenda Pontiff, Tobi Millrood, Sarah Tetlow, Roy Sexton, Steve Pockross, Russ Cersosimo, Juyoun Han, and Frans Johansson.

More About Our Guests:

Chuki Obiyo is a Senior Business Development Manager at Vedder Price. Obiyo serves the firm’s rainmakers and aspiring rainmakers in Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington DC with exclusive business development insights and coaching. Vedder Price is a business-focused law firm with a global reach and a proud tradition of maintaining long-term client relationships.

Featured Episode: 142

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-142-chuki-obiyo-sustaining-long-term-client-relationships-with-a-sustainable-business-development-model/


  • Finding the Right Mentee For You
  • Sustainable Business Development vs. Traditional Business Development

Brenda Pontiff is the Managing Principal at Partner Track Academy. Brenda stays busy helping firms find or retain clients along with coaching young associates to senior partners. Partner Track Academy helps law firms figure out new innovative ways to go to market and service clients.

Featured Episode: 144

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-144-brenda-pontiff-finding-the-right-chief-marketing-officer-for-your-firm/


  • Hiring A Chief Marketing Officer for Your Law Firm
  • A New-Hire CMO’s Timeline & Responsibilities

Tobi Millrood is a Partner at Kline & Specter. Millrood has been practicing law for 26 years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He specializes in the area of Mass Torts including bad drugs and devices, and defective drugs and devices. Millrood is also the past president of the world’s largest trial bar, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), where he completed his term in July 2021 and currently serves as Immediate Past President.

Featured Episode: 160

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-160-tobi-millrood-establishing-credible-trustworthy-referrals/


  • Best Ways to Find Referral Partners & Determining Legitimacy
  • Building a Trust Relationship with Potential Referral Partnerships

Sarah Tetlow is the founder and CEO of Firm Focus. Sarah consults, coaches, and trains law firms on project, attention, time, task, and email management. Firm Focus’ mission is to help law firms and legal departments of all sizes increase their productivity, reach their mission-critical objectives, develop a strong workplace culture, and develop a plan for continuous growth and focus.

Featured Episode: 148

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-148-sarah-tetlow-applying-the-artt-method-to-organize-your-emails/


  • Creating & Connecting Habits to Develop a Good System of Organizing Emails
  • Dedicating Time & Structure to Your Emails

Roy Sexton is the Marketing Director at Clark Hill and the President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association. Roy has held the Marketing Director position since 2019 at Clark Hill and has begun his journey on LMA’s board as Treasurer before being chosen as the 2022 President-Elect. Clark Hill is an international team of legal advisors focused on delivering exceptional growth for your business. LMA supports the legal marketing community through thought leadership, professional advocacy and personal enrichment.

Featured Episode: 143

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-143-roy-sexton-the-importance-of-connecting-with-others/


  • What is the Legal Marketing Association?
  • Benefits of Joining an Association

Steve Pockross is the CEO of Verblio and has more than 20 years of startup, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 experience. He was part of the early management team at crowdsourcing pioneer LiveOps and previously led five SaaS and marketing businesses. Verblio is a content creation platform based in Denver, Colorado with a thousand highly curated writers and creates 90,000 pieces of unique content per year. Verbilo is based on a marketplace of a similar dynamic to deliver high-quality content and a SaaS platform that holds all content creation in one place.

Featured Episode: 140

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-140-steve-pockross-bringing-your-firms-website-to-life-with-content-creation/


  • Strategizing the Proper Content Creation Channels for Your Firm
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Content Creation Marketplace

Russ Cersosimo is the Founder and CMO at Hemp Synergistics, author, keynote speaker, and patented inventor. Cersosimo founded Hemp Synergistics in 2019 and has since grown this biotech company specializing in intelligent hemp ingredients and consumer products. Hemp Synergistics incorporates THC-free, CBD-containing products by partnering with brands and healthcare professionals to offer top-of-the-line products.

Featured Episode: 157

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-158-russ-cersosimo-discovering-ways-to-manage-stress-with-plant-based-supplements/


  • Ways to Manage Stress with Plant-Based Supplements
  • Learning the Abilities of CBD

Juyoun Han is a Partner at Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, a private boutique law firm based in New York City. Han is also a fellow at NYU Law Engleberg Center. She has built a practice on civil rights litigation that focuses on technology which broadly encompasses algorithmic bias and discrimination, data privacy, and NFT intellectual property issues.

Featured Episode: 154

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-153-juyoun-han-how-young-attorneys-can-establish-themselves-in-their-career/


  • How Young Attorneys Can Establish Themselves Early on in Their Career
  • Insights in the Technology Field

Frans Johansson is the CEO of The Medici Group, Public Speaker, and Author of the Medici Effect and The Click Moment. Johansson has had a lasting impact on industries, leaders, and many more.

Featured Episode: 150

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-150-frans-johannson-generating-diversity-innovation-into-your-firm-by-using-the-medici-effect/


  • How Innovation is Interpreted with the Medici Effect
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Legal System