Jeff Socha of Socha Consulting founded Ark Financial, a boutique business and financial planning firm in Austin, Texas, and led it to a successful exit in 2021. Jeff’s specialization in business and personal financial planning is in his family’s roots – he spent years working in the family business, founded by his grandfather in 1950 before taking a position as a member agent at the Nautilus Group, later founding Ark Financial.

Jeff has extensive experience developing intricate financial solutions for business owners and executives. Jeff has been involved in two political action committees through which he lobbied the United States Congress on finance and tax regulations. His innovative solutions for lowering the risk of business ownership and increasing his client’s profitability have been nationally recognized.

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • How to Improve Your Business by Planning Ahead
  • The Three Levels of Tax-Planning
  • Easy, Low-Hanging Fruit Strategies for Tax Benefits