Dorna Moini is the CEO and founder of Gavel, a no-code platform for building document automation and client-facing legal products. Prior to starting Gavel, Dorna was a litigator at Sidley Austin. There, in her pro bono practice, she worked with legal aid organizations to build a web application for domestic violence survivors to complete and file their paperwork, which led to the idea for Gavel.

Dorna is on the Legal Services Corporation Emerging Leaders Council and a member of LAFLA’s Advisory Board. She was named an ABA Legal Rebel and a Fastcase 50 honoree. She also teaches the Legal Innovations Lab at USC Law School.

Gavel is an easy-to-use platform for building legal products. It allows you to automate powerful documents, conduct client intake, and create white-labeled tools that generate revenue for your firm.

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • The Story Behind Gavel
  • The Best Tech Stacks to Use with Gavel
  • How Gavel Works & Defining Document Automation
  • What’s In-Store for AI in 2023