Today, self-storage is more than just a warehouse with metal cages. The multi-billion dollar industry has evolved to use cutting-edge technology that cuts costs in operations and optimizes sales. For example, some of the top tech tools that self-storage operators use include online leasing and rentals, storage apps, biometric and boothtooth locks, self-service kiosks and virtual managers, mobile applications, and cloud storage software.

Storage facilities across the nation have streamlined and improved their tenant’s experience with these tech implementations, perhaps so much so that tenants now expect to rent and manage their unit from anywhere. Technological advancements have been implemented in every industry, and now’s the time to update your facility to stay ahead of the curve. 

4 Types of Technology Impacting Self-Storage

Properly utilizing technology in your storage facility will provide tenants with a seamless renting process. The following tools are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successfully employing technology in the storage industry. 

Online Rental

In today’s post-covid world, most everything has been reduced to time-saving, cost-cutting, easy-to-do processes. In the self-storage industry, renting used to involve a long and tedious procedure in which a customer had to physically go into the location, show ID, and fill out paperwork. Today, online renting is everywhere; it is a time-saving alternative that most prospective customers not only appreciate but expect. They can select their unit, sign the lease, and rent self-storage online without calling or visiting their office. All the paperwork can be completed in advance from the convenience of a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Many businesses have developed their own software to execute online rentals, and some use companies like Docusign and other bigger brands. Companies are able to capture payment with a credit card and opt their clients into auto-pay, saving time and money on collections. Other ways in which you may be able to use self-storage applications include paying your bill, accessing the self-storage facility, getting directions to your public storage location, renting a storage unit, updating your settings and managing your account, contacting customer support, or getting quick answers to common questions.

Biometrics and Bluetooth Locks

Today, most people have access to a smartphone. The use of biometrics—unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints that can be used for automated recognition—and Bluetooth—short-range wireless communication between electronic devices—can easily be added to any existing self-storage unit. This technology can even be used when cellular services are not available. 

The locks detect the device, are unit-specific for Bluetooth signals, and unlock when the owner’s device is nearby. This added customization of security adds peace of mind and is a nice added feature for any facility. The biometric fingerprint reader is being used in computer-controlled security for both units and customers. Fingerprint scanners ensure any customer who leaves their lock behind still has access to their unit and the location.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Self-serve kiosks are a simple way to manage a location and save on hiring. They are available 24-7, can rent a unit, help pay a bill, and unlock units. The possibilities are endless. The software that kiosks use is integrated with property management systems to store and report all customer actions in databases. This enables managers to keep track of all tenant interactions efficiently. There are quite a few options, and some even have remote access to a call center where a live person talks you through the process or answers questions. Virtual managers and kiosks save on payroll and payroll taxes. Likewise, they do not have the same issues humans have, such as not showing up to work on time.

Self-Storage Management Software

Self-storage management software is not new; operators have been using it for years. However, now, cloud-based software provides operators with updated data in every area of their business. Customer and financial databases can be accessed safely and reliably, merging data and saving time and money. Storage units can be managed from anywhere by integrating cloud services.

Technology is advancing every industry, and self-storage is no different. Ensure your facilities are up-to-date with accommodations that customers are now expecting. These new advancements are aimed at streamlining processes and improving user experience through automation.

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