When you’re a business owner, one of the most frustrating things that can happen out of the blue is a client calling or emailing you to let you know “Hey, I just tried going on your website and I couldn’t access it.” Even as a web developer, there are a few dozen reasons why this may happen, so it is important to be calm and composed as we move through the process of identifying what the reasons may be and how we can fix it.

It is me or is it you?

When it comes to troubleshooting something as complicated as an entire website, you’d be surprised to discover that sometimes, the simplest solutions achieve the results you need. Something as straightforward as a shoddy internet or phone connection could easily make a non-issue seem dire. The website https://isitup.org/ will immediately troubleshoot that. Other immediate concerns could include:

  • Temporary disruption from host because of server maintenance or extreme bandwidth usage
  • Auto update of website theme, plugins, or CMS version taking place

So, the website really is down.  Now what?

Don’t panic; this is why we have hosting companies. No matter the issue, most hosting companies will be able to detect on the problem though they may not rectify it without charging a fee We suggest calling the hosting company first because of the fact they are the most likely to diagnose the problem the most accurately. As a marketing company working with third-party hosts, we nearly always go right to the host first unless we’re very certain of the cause of the site disruption.  At this point, typical causes will be:

  • Complete server shutdown
  • Auto update of website theme, plugins, or CMS version taking place that results in website breaking
  • Failure to pay hosting bill
  • Failure to renew domain name
  • Manual edits to code and configuration to the website resulting in website breaking

Obviously, hosting and domain will be restored once an invoice is covered, and the host will walk you through server shutdowns, but anything involving the website breaking or being hacked may require the assistance of a consultant.

My website is down because my marketing company took it down.

This is a tricky situation. It most often occurs when:

  • You ended your relationship and there was no clause where you had ownership of the website afterwards
  • Your marketing company closed up shop and turned off their server before giving everyone their website files
  • Your marketing company requires you to pay for hosting/monthly maintenance and you aren’t paying any longer, or are late on a payment

These situations tend to be the most precarious of all situations, between the fact your website may be essentially “held hostage” or given to you in a condition you don’t know how to fix.  Some marketing companies will give you your website back after working together, but often will provide no direction on how to put it back up yourself, or even worse, in a format in which no other consultant or hosting company may know how to handle.

I’m not getting my website back.  What do I do?

We’d advise you get something going in an interim while attempting to put an old website back up or initiate the buildout of a new website.  Options are:

  • Using your host’s page builder feature to at least put up a landing page
  • Using a third party such as Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly to put up a landing page

In a situation where you need a new website with a quick turnaround?  Our web development experts at Market My Market have worked with clients in this situation plenty of times and have been able to arrange for expedited site build scenarios.  Contact us today to learn more.