SEM Rush has launched a tool that looks to be a much more affordable version of YEXT.  The service competes with products such as YEXT, Moz’s listing management tool, SYNUP, and Whitespark.  Our agency has worked directly with YEXT and SYNUP as agency partners and has built citations for hundreds of local listings.  Both are great tools if you have multiple locations and want to get your citations taken care of and don’t have the time or resources to do them manually.

Coming in at $20 per month, SEM Rush’s new product has just launched today and details are sparse. In comparison to the base packages SYNUP at $30 per month and Yext at $24 per month, this seems like a deal.  The only caveat is that as of right now you must already have an SEM Rush account to be eligible.

In our experience, nothing beats old-fashion and time consuming manual submission.  While these services are great to make sure your local business is listed across the web, these citation services don’t cover niche directories that are specific to your business.  You can see what I mean in a recent blog post, Ryan Klein, Market My Market’s other managing partner wrote about directories/citations for law firms.  There is even a list of over 100 websites for citations specific to the legal industry.  Check out the blog here.