Many lawyers can think up a list of reasons why a client representing themselves is a bad idea. Should they transfer that philosophy when it comes to doing digital marketing for a law firm? Attorneys are often hesitant about partnering with an SEO company, and for understandable reasons. Finding a legal expert to promote your business can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can be tempting to take on the work by yourself. Should attorneys work on their SEO? The answer depends on how tech savvy you are willing to be, how much time you have, and where you are.

Tech Skills

While having a background in web development and programming can certainly be helpful in SEO marketing, it is not strictly necessary. What most starting attorneys need to know boils down to learning how to optimize posts and pages using keywords and title tags. Understanding how headings can help, why images can affect your SEO, and why having a smooth website are all concepts that anyone can learn.


Learning many of the practices mentioned above takes time. SEO traditionally requires several months before you see tangible results such as more leads for your law firm. If done incorrectly, you may find yourself aimlessly clicking on settings and adjusting online campaigns with no change to your business traffic. These issues don’t even get to the time it takes for more complex subjects like building a website from scratch, designing that site, and building links for your law firm. You will most likely need to hire an in-business marketer who knows what they’re doing or an SEO team that can divide the work amongst themselves.

Local Competition

If you are in a busy city, like Miami, New York, or Chicago, doing your SEO is often out of the question. Regardless of practice area, you’re facing a congested market where the heavy hitters already have the basic SEO terms locked down. You’ll need a digital marketing expert who can help you identify your target audience and how to reach them. Doing so helps you keep a balance between focusing on a niche specialty while still getting a positive financial return with more leads.

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