When you first open your law firm, you may have had the time to research, budget, and plan for advertising yourself. However, as your firm grows and cases begin to pile, you might find you don’t have as much time as before. The world of legal marketing changes every day, as do the needs and wants of your clients. It is important to stay up to date on what is best for your firm and how to plan for it.

A legal marketing coordinator is the one steering the ship for your law firm’s marketing strategy. Sometimes the coordinator can do the work alone, sometimes the coordinator will be working with your marketing team. You can expect the coordinator to be someone who manages your social media channels, planning out posts in advance and interacting with users that have engaged with your accounts. The coordinator will also make adjustments to your website as needed. Even if you are happy with the way your website looks, it is nothing that is ever finished. Much like your law firm isn’t the same as it was the day you opened it, your website must reflect that and stay updated to account for Google’s search algorithm. This means not only changing the design of your website, but putting up content posts that reflect current happenings within the area of law you practice in, such as news events or legal updates.

The coordinator will also research new plans for campaigns that can bring you new cases. This means looking into what your competitors are doing for advertising, managing referral sources, and analyzing metric reports to see which marketing channels are working and which are not bringing in enough to justify the spend. The coordinator does not have to be restricted to digital marketing efforts. He can also build relationships with those that run speaking events such as legal seminars, and can come up with event ideas to host, sponsor, and speak at on your behalf if needed. An efficient legal marketing coordinator knows how to manage several tasks at once, can run a marketing team if you have one, all while setting up the right expectations for your advertising efforts.