Businesses seeking help with online advertising should look for agencies that have been certified as Yelp Ads Partners. Agencies (like Market My Market) with Yelp Ads Partner status have met certain performance requirements and demonstrated experience successfully managing Yelp ad campaigns for clients. But what does this really mean and why is working with a Yelp Ads Partner better?

What is the value of advertising on Yelp?

Yelp offers a unique opportunity to attract customers, who are at the point of purchase, to your local business. Studies show that consumers rank Yelp as their preferred review site for finding local businesses and services, and last year, Yelp had 94.3M visitors use their app or website – so the opportunity for lead generation is immense. And with Yelp advertising now in place, businesses have an even greater opportunity to leverage the ad platform to heighten brand visibility and drive customer leads. But why attempt to tackle this on your own when you can work with a trained professional that has mastered the platform? Below are 4 reasons you should be working with a Yelp Ads Partner:

  1. High standard of service: Working with a Yelp Ads Partner guarantees you will receive a high standard of service from trained and qualified marketing experts, who are held to stringent requirements in how they manage the campaigns of clients. Yelp Ads Partners must show that they are employing best practices, so they test campaign performance through various methods to ensure they are implementing successful marketing strategies for their clients. On average, Yelp advertising has led to the following:
    • 220% increase in directions and map views
    • 152% increase in mobile calls
    • 113% increase in website clicks
  2. More cost-effective: Attempting to manage a Yelp ad campaign without Yelp certification is a good example of being “penny-wise and dollar-foolish.” By working with a Yelp Ads Partner like ourselves, you can be certain you will receive the greatest bang for your buck since Yelp Ads Partners are trained to advertise more effectively, maximizing the impact of your campaigns and saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Yelp Ads Partners are also privy to launching campaigns with no minimum budgets, giving clients more freedom to choose a budget that they are comfortable with spending.
  3. More attention and less wait time: Yelp Ads Partners have a dedicated support team that they can contact without waiting in line any time a client has an issue. If your site is attacked by malware and your campaigns are shut down, you will continue losing money until those campaigns are reactivated. However, if you are working with a Yelp Ads Partner that has access to a support team, all issues can be addressed immediately.
  4. Enhanced benefits: Yelp Ads Partners have access to enhanced benefits that allow them to constantly optimize clients’ profiles with the following features:
    • Photo slideshow: show off your location, inventory or staff with an unlimited number of photos
    • Professional video: feature a professionally-made video that highlights your brand message
    • Business overview: provide an overview of your history and what makes you unique
    • Call-to-action button: drive users to make a measurable action by linking a customizable button to your website or including a click to call
    • Request a quote button: drive qualified leads to your service business and measure the effectiveness in your account

In addition to profile benefits – which also include the ability to monitor business data, reputation, and revenue – Yelp Ads Partners can utilize a display network to continue showing ads to potential customers once they have already visited and left a client’s Yelp page. This means more exposure targeted at interested individuals that are more likely to convert.

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