When planning your law firm’s digital marketing campaign, don’t underestimate the importance of quality content marketing. This type of content positions your firm as a trusted expert by educating your audience about key topics of interest. It also encourages them to acquire your services when they need an attorney without overt promotion as with traditional marketing.

Developing evergreen content is essential for content marketing. These timeless topics remain relevant, offering readers a reliable resource they can count on. For example, attorneys could provide content about steps to follow after an auto accident or considerations for estate planning. Follow the five tips below to develop a robust content marketing strategy using evergreen articles and blog posts.

Identify Your Area of Expertise

Start by noting the actual problems your clients face and write about the most common issues in your practice areas. Aim to choose topics that are neither too specific nor too broad so that they are relevant without being strictly situational. Doing so can establish your law firm as a voice of authority on a particular subject matter.

Avoid Breaking News

Keep evergreen content timeless by choosing topics that are long-lasting and not tied to a particular date. Time-sensitive posts about related news items are only relevant for the moment and forgotten about as soon as the next newsworthy trend arises. By focusing on general inquiries, your one piece of evergreen content can be more effective than ten pieces of timely content.

Get Social

It’s not enough to write the content; you also have to promote it on your firm’s official social media channels. Informative, high-quality, educational content can easily warrant endless shares. This is especially true if you meticulously identify and target your audience.

Recycle Your Topics

Your law firm can reuse the most important topics over time through multiple mediums. This gives your firm a chance to impress with infographics, captioned videos, and other highly shareable content types.

Go Beyond the Blog

Well-written articles are a foundation of your content strategy, but don’t get stuck writing blogs alone. You should also experiment with how-to guides, case studies, resources, FAQ pages, and other building blocks to encourage long-term engagement from your audience.

The best content provides a window into the high level of service you can offer your client. High-quality evergreen content can bring traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and boost your reputation as a subject matter expert.Market My Market understands legal marketing and can advise you on legal marketing strategies for your law firm. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.