The internet is practically brimming with marketing apps for businesses. These applications allow entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas, manage contacts, and to perform a variety of other tasks. Since digital marketing has made it possible for businesses to boost their clientele, acquainting yourself with a few basic applications can go a long way in growing your business.

ScanBizCards HD Lite

In the old days, networking events involved managing loads of business cards. Although these business cards are still being used, the means of organizing the cards has greatly improved. ScanBizCards HD Lite is an application that scans business cards into your phone. ScanBizCards HD Lite has many other features that make networking easier for your law practice.

Movable Ink

A solid SEO plan involves providing relevant, consistent, and high-quality content. If you keep sending outdated marketing emails to clients, you will lose your credibility as they start directing all your emails to spam. To keep this from happening, Movable Ink generates fresh and effective content geared towards your business goals. Movable Ink allows you to select areas of your website and combine these to form an attractive and engaging email. Therefore, if you are accustomed to sending marketing emails at your legal practice, Movable Ink will save you a lot of time.


Communicating with the right clients is one of the elements of success in business. Intercom has various features that make communication with clients easy. For example, it enables you chat with those visiting your site. Intercom has numerous tools that improve your effectiveness at communicating with clients. Furthermore, Intercom helps you reach your target group with personalized automated message. This makes it reliable for sending messages to specific clients.


Many lawyers rely on presentations for effective communication with clients. SlideRocket is an indispensable application for creating, organizing, and sharing presentations. Slide Rocket boasts of dynamic presentations that can be accessed from anywhere. It also has the ability of sharing presentations and slides with co-workers. SlideRocket can be accessed through iPhones and all devices that can log in to the internet.


If your clients are not responding to your emails, you ought to consider downloading Boomerang. This application will show you the likelihood of your email getting a response by using a list of criteria. Some factors that this application measures before sending your emails are:

  • Word length
  • Subject length
  • Question count
  • Subjectivity
  • Positivity
  • Reading level
  • Politeness

Boomerang is an application that is meant to boost the level of response to your emails. Boomerang will make sure you do not waste effort and time on drafting emails that receive no response.

Social Engage

This app improves your social media marketing efforts. Social Engage focuses your marketing campaigns on achieving significant results. Social Engage helps you make targeted ads, host contests, and is effective in advertising on social platforms like Facebook. Social Engage will allow you to reach out to more clients for your legal practice and at the same time record your progress.

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