Whether you rely on Gmail or share files with Google Drive, the chances are that your law firm is already using at least one of Google’s tools. One of the best Google webmaster tools for law firms is Google Tag Manager, a simple tool that allows you to track how visitors use your website.

While Google Analytics is an important search engine optimization and website management tool, it provides less specificity than Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM integrates directly with Google Analytics for seamless data analysis.


GTM works by using tags, which are small snippets of website code that flag specific events for monitoring. When a user performs a particular action known as a trigger, GTM will begin tracking his or her behavior. For example, you can set a trigger that records a tag if a user submits an online contact form. This allows you to track conversions or the number of people who visited your site and then followed up by contacting your firm.


GTM is also an excellent way to remarket, targeting users who visited your website but did not convert. You can even explicitly market to those who made multiple visits or spent a long time on the site using Google AdWords to provide specific display ads for those users.


With Google Tag Manager, firms no longer need to rely on a website developer to provide a manual code for each tag. With a small piece of code called a container, you can use the GTM software to create an unlimited number of tags once you install the container code.

Free and Easy to Use

This software is free and easy to use, reducing the time commitment required to manage your website’s tags. It even includes integrated tags that further simplify the process. You can set permission levels for different users, and test your tags with integrated debugging.

If your law firm wants to track the behavior of your website visitors, there’s no better or more accessible tool than Google Tag Manager. Market My Market can assist you in implementing Google’s full suite of website management tools, providing access to invaluable data that can increase conversions, drive traffic, and improve your SEO rankings. Contact Market My Market today to learn more about how your law firm can be more proactive with the ever-changing landscape of legal marketing.