A law firm’s website has a limited time to engage a potential customer. A law firm has less than 10 seconds to convert a visitor into a customer. If visitors do not find anything that gets their attention, they click away from the site and keep moving. Therefore, it is vital for the law firm to provide content that gets the attention of visitors and makes them want to learn more.

The best way to get a potential client’s attention is to directly give them the information they’re looking for. If a customer visits your page and finds the answer to their Google query right away, they’re more likely to stay on your page.

Here are four things prospects want to know from your law firm website.

1. Can Your Firm Take Their Case?

Law firms should make sure that they clearly state the type of law they practice, attracting the right clients for the professionals. They should also be upfront about it. If visitors feel like they have to go “digging,” then they will click away from the site. While a law firm is not obligated to tell visitors every single activity they do, it is essential to be as transparent as possible to the visitors. Having a user-friendly menu navigation within your law firm’s website has a huge impact on a user’s experience and can provide answers for visitors quickly.

2. Are You Trustworthy?

One of the main goals between a client and attorney is trust. That trust starts building the moment a prospect clicks on your site. Clients want to know that they’re putting their fate in the hands of a reputable firm. A good way to make sure your firm looks credible is to make sure the website looks good, is easy to navigate, has content in language they understand, and has an easy way to contact a lawyer.

3. Are You Relatable and Passionate About Your Work?

When clients look at the “references” page, they find information about the attorney. They typically learn about the education and credentials of the attorney. However, what a client really wants to know is if their attorney is going to be relatable.

One of the best ways for the attorney to show clients that they can trust the attorney is by posting high-quality videos. Customers will immediately get an idea of what the personalities in the firm are like through a video. Think back to when most business’ relied on foot traffic and walk-ins for business. Lawyers had a chance to smile, shake hands, and show their human side. A video can do the same thing.

4. Have You Been Successful Taking Cases Like Theirs?

Another thing that clients are going to want to know is the office’s track record. Clients want to know whether or not the attorney can be trusted. The law firm has to do everything they can to stand out, so that the potential client can be confident that they have someone who is going to represent them adequately.

For instance, a law firm that focuses on the benefits they give their clients is going to have a higher success rate than the law firm that sounds like everyone else. Client reviews are powerful tools. A great opportunity to display your law firm’s positive track record is by including client reviews and past case results on the site. This will show potential clients what others have experienced when choosing your law firm for legal representation.

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