Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Brandi Bellingham, Kelly Quintana, Kianny Jimenez, Ryan Klein, and Isabel Skormin

Keeping your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind is key to maintaining strong client relationships. With that being said, upholding brand awareness is a constant struggle, especially in our fast-paced digital world. Our modern-day internet landscape is littered with advertisements from countless brands battling for our attention, so how can you ensure your brand stands out from the masses?

Digital content marketing can help your brand get noticed while attracting leads in a way that feels completely natural. Rather than wasting valuable time and resources chasing after potential clients with disruptive or disingenuous advertisements, high-quality content marketing will lure people in with the information they actually want to see.

Contributed by Brandi Bellingham, Content Writer

Why Content Marketing is Important

Content marketing is critical because it builds your brand. Strong content marketing answers your audience’s questions and helps build a strong relationship with them. Having a solid and recognizable brand is essential to business success in today’s world. If no one knows who you are or what you do, it’s difficult to create traction for your business. Consistent content marketing establishes your business credibility, builds trust within your audience, strengthens your reputation, and helps bring in new customers. 

Great content is an important asset that captures your audience’s attention and continues to reinforce a positive brand impression that can bring in new leads. Creating quality content marketing can help build your online presence and establish your company as an authority in your industry.

Contributed by Kelly Quintana, Content Writer

6 Benefits of High-Quality Content Marketing 

Content marketing does not have a singular formula for every business. Producing high-quality content offers a variety of benefits for small businesses and more prominent companies alike. Regardless of the business or sales goals you are looking forward to achieving, the use of various content marketing methods can contribute to your success. Here are a few advantages to focusing on content marketing:

1. An Increase in Your Audience Retention 

It may be challenging to build and maintain a rapport with customers online in the digital age. Publishing high-quality content helps your business grow and keeps a continual pace of communication with your customers regarding your services or products. Depending on your audience goals, a strategic mix of content marketing methods helps you retain customers, grow your audience, and keep viewers engaged. 

2. More Visibility From Your SEO and Content Efforts 

Gaining visibility on the web is mainly dependent on SEO and high-quality content efforts. Digital users surf websites daily, and using up-to-date SEO practices keeps your content relevant for search engines, such as Google, to showcase. Pairing professional local SEO research with well-written pages, blogs, or articles can enhance your company’s visibility. 

3. Boost Your Website and Brand Awareness 

High-quality content marketing also helps many businesses reap the benefits of brand awareness. When your customers, clients, and anyone in your audience accesses content within your website, this can boost your brand. With time and dedication to professional marketing methods, you’ll note changes in bounce rates and other metrics pertaining to how your audience reads or responds to your content. 

4. Gain Reliable Rankings and Authority in Your Industry

Regardless of your industry, rankings and authority can help keep your company thriving. The content you publish and post consistently will help your audience see the credibility of your products, services, and branding. With high-quality SEO and content marketing, you can use metrics and ranking tools to determine what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Tracking the success of your blogs, website pages, podcasts, social media platforms, and other methods of communication can also help you gain expertise for your audience. 

5. Generate More Leads and Conversions 

You can reach a range of business or sales goals with high-quality content that generates more leads and conversions. The content characteristics that lead to reliability and conversions include originality, uniqueness, and effectiveness. Professionally-written content includes a call to action, informational topics, and images that connect well with the viewer. Without forgoing the effectiveness of an SEO and creative marketing integration, high-quality content can measurably increase business. 

6. Achieve Success Within Social Media Platforms 

Social media can be beneficial for different businesses in many ways. People worldwide can easily access social media platforms daily. Utilizing media, you can engage with your existing customers or business partners and invite new customers to engage with your company. It may take some time to build a base of loyal customers, but utilizing cost-effective social media platforms can help you achieve success in your business. With high-quality content, you can grow your following and manage a relationship with your audience. 

Contributed by Kianny Jimenez, Content Writer

How to Measure Success in a Content Marketing Campaign

Success can be defined in any number of ways depending on the purpose of the content, whether it’s to inform or to acquire new business. Because a content marketing plan includes a range of content—blogs, pages, FAQs, long-form articles, etc.—each will have its own set of expectations and goals. We expect our pages to generate high-intent traffic, while our blogs may drive long-intent traffic but at a much larger volume.

Generally, if your content is created with a goal to inform or educate an audience, straightforward metrics such as the number of visitors and the degree of their engagement could be considered a measure of success when compared to other content on your website. For example, if we use metrics available to us on Google Analytics—such as the number of visitors/sessions, how many of these are unique or new, time on site, pages-per-session, and bounce rate—this information could all come together to give us a glimpse of how many people are coming to our website and for how long. 

Other metrics that are less common, but potentially more important, are those that measure scroll rates, or the percentage of the page that was viewed indicating if the visitor covered the topic we presented front to back or simply moved on from the page after a paragraph or two. Ultimately, we still want to know the potential clients or business we generate from all of our content, which relies on “goals” that you set up via your Google Analytics account or other analytics tools, which segues into lead acquisition as another form of success.

Because we assist clients in service-based industries, lead tracking is paramount for measuring true business/monetary success in a content marketing campaign. The forms of contact available are typically by calling, chat software, and form submissions. Both chat and form are simple platforms for tracking leads because they are able to supply data regarding the specific page the chat originated or where the contact form was submitted. Calling has been trickier, but thanks to development from CallRail and their advancements in their “number pooling” approach to dynamic number insertion, we are able to see the original page from which a potential client called. This information is synced with analytics so we can have a clear picture of this type of completed goal on a particular page. 

Contributed by Ryan Klein, Managing Partner

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As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. While it may seem like the best option is to do everything yourself, certain areas of your business may fall through the cracks as you try to juggle it all. When it comes to growing your business and enticing more leads, high-quality content marketing is a crucial tool to get the results you want. To get help developing your content marketing process, contact an SEO and content marketing agency with proven results. 

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Contributed by Isabel Skormin, Content Writer