James Moorhouse has been in the legal marketing industry for over 20 years, beginning in 1999 Southern California where he worked with several different law firms. It was in 2017, however, when James took the leap and started his own business: JPM 4 Marketing. 

“I mainly would go into law firms and act more as a consultant, looking at their current marketing strategies. After reviewing their processes, I would either do some marketing for them or refer them to an agency.” With this background in hand, James can pitch to prospective clients differently than a traditional salesperson does. “I go into pitches not as a sales person, but rather as a marketer trying to determine how I would grow the practice.”

While running JPM 4 Marketing, James was looking for an agency to help his client. “Market My Market was actually one of the firms I was suggesting to the client.” While the law firm may not have chosen Market My Market, Ryan Klein began wondering why they didn’t get the account. “Ultimately, they wanted an agency that was local. I told Ryan if they hired me on, Market My Market would have a local presence in California, which could create a more national company.” 

After that interaction, James and Ryan remained in touch. “At one point, Ryan asked if I wanted to be a guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast,” James said. “After we finished recording, he and Chase Williams asked if I wanted to join the company in a sales role, but that also included some marketing and account management.”

Since joining Market My Market as a Client Success Specialist, James has learned a few key takeaways. “One of the biggest is that you have to adapt to your audience. For example, younger attorneys might prefer an email or a text message, where other attorneys you may have to call, set up a zoom meeting, or arrange an in-person meeting.” 

In sales as well as marketing, you always have to be ready to adapt, which James finds the most exciting about his role. “Everyone at Market My Market is always open to new and different ideas. The fact that I’m able to say ‘This is what I did for a former client, it might work for one of ours’ is great,” James said. “Communication is always open, and you feel like managers hear what you have to say and seriously take it into consideration.”