Market My Market is a fast-growing company. With 50+ clients and an ever-expanding team of content writers, SEO specialists, account managers, and more, Market My Market has many moving pieces. Fortunately, we have Erin Gough as our Operations Manager, who oversees many of our processes and ensures that we have everything needed to be successful. 

Throughout Erin’s undergraduate and graduate career, she discovered how much she enjoyed determining and sorting out the components needed to run a successful company. 

“Over the years I’ve had a few different office manager jobs,” Erin said. “With each new role, I would pick up more responsibilities and dive deeper into processes and business solutions.” 

Erin Gough

In addition to ensuring Market My Market is as efficient as possible, Erin helps our teams source top-tier talent. “In various roles, I worked as a recruiter. When I first joined the company, we were growing so quickly, and we needed someone to focus on screening and sourcing different candidates,” Erin said. “Recruiting was something I had experience in and was thrilled to bring that to Market My Market.”

As our operations manager, Erin’s days largely depend on the company’s big initiatives. For example, growing the teams at Market My Market was one of her first tasks. “That was a huge initiative, but it was worth it. We always want to ensure that our teams have the support they need to make our clients happy,” Erin said. 

When she first joined, Erin quickly had to figure out where and how everyone at Market My Market fits together. “Most importantly, I reviewed all of our processes and had to determine what is working and where there are gaps. With that information in mind, I’m working to develop ways on how we can thoughtfully grow Market My Market in the future.” 

Getting to know everyone on the team is one of her favorite parts about working for Market My Market. “We have a really fun team, and everyone is really passionate about their work. What I’ve noticed is that everyone wants to do better, not just for themselves, but for the company as a whole. It makes working here a joy.”