Cory Coleman began working in search engine optimization (SEO) just as many people do—by accident. 

“I originally went to school for a business degree, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it,” Cory said. While still in school, Cory began working for a customer service agency that also did digital marketing. “I had the opportunity to test the waters with SEO, blog posting, and website optimization for a few clients and I ended up really enjoying it.” After a while, Cory decided to turn something he enjoyed into a career. 

Cory ColemanBefore joining the team at Market My Market, Cory served as a Digital Marketing Director for The Umansky Law Firm. During that time, he met Market My Market Managing Partner Ryan Klein. “We were both overseeing the digital strategy for the law firms we worked with and were able to collaborate on several projects together as a result,” Cory said. 

The duo experimented with new SEO tactics together. “We would try out different approaches to link building and run unique SEO-related case studies,’’ he said. 

After some time, the SEO team at Market My Market needed a leader, and Cory was ready to take that next step. “I knew Market My Market was looking for someone with experience to lead their team, and I was excited about the opportunity to work with multiple clients, all of which I knew would present their own set of unique and challenging situations.” 

One of the best parts of Cory’s job is getting to dive into new accounts and understanding where they stand on the SEO spectrum. “Once we know where the client’s website and SEO currently stands, we can start developing a strategy for them,” he said. “We have a proven process for getting our clients to the top of search results, both locally and organically, that I’m really proud of.” 

Since his time began at Market My Market, Cory said one of the most beneficial things he has learned is establishing systems to make our clients successful. “If you don’t have a clear and defined process, you can be doing all this work for a client just to end up with no results.” However, these processes go hand-in-hand with strong time management skills. “With so many different clients, you need to know how to manage your time to ensure that all clients get the best and fastest results possible,” Cory said. 

From the day he first joined the company to now, Cory said the difference is tenfold. “There were always processes in place, but we’ve since taken steps, like implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), to make workflow run smoother. All of that has really helped us become the strong and rapidly-growing company we are today.”