Joanna Brooks, Director of Client Experience, is no stranger to the marketing and business world. With a degree in business from the University of Miami and a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Joanna knows the ins and outs of managing client relations.  

After obtaining her MBA, she began her marketing career in healthcare, partnering with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to help increase awareness of certain disease states and potential treatments. “This job was really where I honed in on my client service skills,” Joanna said.

Following an unexpected acquisition, Joanna moved on and found herself at Market My Market. The move was welcome, though. “With Market My Market I was able to round out my skill set from print to digital marketing.”

Employee Spotlight: Joanna Brooks
In her free time, Joanna teaches Pilates classes

Beginning her career at Market My Market as an account executive, Joanna developed her skill set, taking on new responsibilities. “In my first year, I was primarily doing account management work,” she said. However, by her second year, Joanna’s duties expanded beyond the scope of account management. “I began doing a lot more work similar to what an account director would do.”

Nearly four years later, Joanna oversees and guides a small but mighty team of account managers. She also ensures that our over fifty clients have a successful experience when working with Market My Market. 

“My job is to make sure that everyone in the account management team is doing their job and delivering on the promises that we give our clients,” Joanna said. “We want all of our clients to have a great experience working with us.” 

A significant part of a successful client experience involves personal communication. Joanna’s day is typically composed of phone calls with individual clients. “I speak with clients all day about any new requests from them or to update them on ongoing projects,” Joanna said. 

Creating a client experience that goes above and beyond is no one-woman job, though. It takes communicating and working with colleagues at all levels, which Joanna enjoys the most about the company. “There’s no power distance. We have an open-door policy. You can talk to whomever, and it doesn’t matter what level they are in the company,” she said. “You feel like you are going to be heard and that leadership will take your ideas seriously and potentially implement them.”