Meet Josh

Joshua Daubendiek is an outstanding Senior SEO Specialist on the Market My Market SEO Team. He went to UCCS—the University of Colorado Colorado Springs—where he studied Marketing and received a Bachelor’s degree. While initially planning on majoring in Business, he eventually learned more about SEO and marketing from professionals in the middle of his sophomore year of college. He ultimately underwent extensive job training to learn more about SEO, dedicating over six months of his life to understanding exact processes and tools.

Josh loves playing golf and spending time with his family, including his dog Bailey. A bit of a homebody and an introvert, he doesn’t mind winding down and relaxing with his family or working in his yard. He’s looking forward to growing his family and building his skills as a well-rounded marketing professional.

Q&A With Josh

What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like for You?

“I typically start popping on about 7:30 in the morning for me ’cause I am in Colorado. I’ll take a look at some of the tasks that are assigned to me during the day. And I typically start with the hardest tasks because you don’t want one towards the end of the day — diving into data, technical SEO items, and some on page optimizations. I look at the back end to find issues here and there as well as some talks, manuscripts, and content optimization.”

What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

“I love watching progress. With SEO, everything does take time. Four to six months, depending on the client’s website. So sometimes, when you do implement stuff, you don’t know if it’s going to work or not. But then you see that progress starts coming through with more traffic. That is the best part of the job, seeing the dealings of your work.”

Describe Your Perfect Saturday

“Getting a breakfast burrito. Coffee. Go and play some golf. With the perfect Saturday, I’d love it to be nice and warm. After the golf course, I’ll have some lunch, then come home and watch college football.”

If You Could Have an Unlimited Supply of One Thing, What Would It Be?

“Oh, Chick-fil-A. I would say I don’t cook that often. I should cook more than I do. They have a little bit of everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner. You can mix it up, and it’s kinda healthy too if you do a little bit of a grilled chicken salad.”

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“Definitely want to continue doing marketing. I think I want to do a little bit of everything. I do enjoy SEO. Some weeks, it’s a little bit more difficult with how Google wants to react to how your website is or wants to do something. I also want to grow into a wider range of marketing, maybe in a way I can interact with people more often.

“And on the personal side, I want just to continue growing mentally and physically, continue growing my family, and hopefully get a bigger house.”