Meet Lindsey Bailin

Lindsey, who received her marketing degree from the University of Central Florida—go Knights!—was a first-generation college graduate in her family. She utilized her degree in a handful of different ways until she settled on SEO.

Lindsey is driven and well-accomplished, paying for college with scholarships and her own volition. She’s an SEO who’s taking strides in implementing E-E-A-T practices, building a bridge between departments, and mentoring other women pursuing SEO and tech. 

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘eating the frog?’ I like looking at my tasks and organizing my day. If I have to finish three things in a day, I make sure to get them done. I’ll prioritize based on importance and ‘eat the frog’ when I’m starting my day, whether it’s the most difficult task or the biggest priority.

“And then I go from there, check my email, make sure my team has their week set up properly, and check on my clients.”

Where Would We Find You on a Saturday?

“My boyfriend and I love going to the breweries around town. And there’s a really cool foodie scene in Orlando. I feel like people always think of Orlando and automatically think of the theme parks, but the food has become really impressive!

“And I love being outside, like being by a pool, lake, or another body of water.”

What Do You Like to Do for Fun?

“I actually just bought some gardening stuff, and I’m gonna be dabbling into that. I’m leaning into my gardening era, and so I’m really excited. I planted some herbs this last weekend.

“I very excitedly bought two garden beds. I’m thinking I would do one bed in the backyard for vegetables. I got tomato planters. I bought some seeds and starters for green pepper, cucumber, and jalapenos. I’ll definitely grow other vegetables, too.

“I also have a planter I want to put in the front yard. I’m thinking of pulling out the hedges and replacing them with flowers. 

“I have a lot of plants in my house too. I’ve taken care of them for a few years. I must have some sort of green thumb. I think Pothos and Hoyas are my two favorites. I love seeing my plants trying their hardest. I’m very happy whenever I see new growth or notice them communicating with me.”

Where Do You See Yourself in the Future?

“Spain. I fell so in love with the culture and the people and just the feeling of being there. I visited there one time during the summer about two years ago. There’s just something so unique about living abroad and really immersing yourself. I would love to live there for at least a little while.

“I also love the SEO space. I’ve been in it for over seven years now. It’s really interesting — truly one of those channels that is always evolving. Google is changing, and so, as an SEO, you have to adjust.

“Maybe one day I’ll have my own agency, focusing on bringing women and females up in digital marketing. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by strong women who have your back and want to see you grow.”