Meet Ryan Cole, one of Market My Market’s talented SEO analysts. Ryan specializes in business marketing and SEO for many of our clients, and he is leading the charge in MMM’s use of AI to simplify our processes. He is a part of the SEO incubator in Charlotte, North Carolina, building a strong and tight-knit culture with everyone he interacts with. Ryan has two degrees from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, one in business administration and another in business marketing. He also had a primary focus on SEO while in school.

He uses his industry knowledge and thought-leading skills to further our processes with AI and work on complex projects for the team. He’s an essential part of the SEO team and the company as a whole, pushing our teams to be their best. In his free time, you can find Ryan caring for his many animals—including a tortoise, turtle, lizard, and two dogs—fighting MMA or jiu-jitsu.

Q&A with Ryan Cole

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

“I wake up, and then I come here to the Charlotte office immediately. Our workdays are pretty repetitive, but not in a bad way. We do a lot of the same stuff for different clients. I’ll usually have one or two unique things a day that I enjoy, where I’ll work with AI or make a video that has subtitles. Then I’ll have my usual posts pages and build backlinks… I love the Charlotte office. We have a lot of laughs in here. Our fearless leader, Selena, always has us cracking up. So it’s pretty much the same thing every day but in a good way.”

What’s Something That Not A Lot of People Know About You?

“The bones in my torso, from my neck to my lower stomach, are all made of titanium, kind of like Wolverine. But I had a really rare birth defect. And I didn’t have ribs or sternum. So when I turned 16, I was finally old enough and like my body was grown enough to get them. So every few years, I get them taken out, and I get new ones in. So, the TSA hates me. But all my stuff is made of metal.”

What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

“So I’d say in my free time, the large majority of my free time is either spent at my house with my girlfriend, just doing random things together, because she’s my best friend. I pretty much hang out with her all day, every day. And when I’m not with her, or at work, I’m at the gym training MMA or jiu-jitsu… I love fighting and not in an aggressive way, either. Most people assume that when you fight, you’re really aggressive, but it’s actually the exact opposite. 

“One of my favorite training partners is a dentist, and his name is Mark. And it’s hilarious. He’s been doing it his whole life. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I wasn’t gonna let being a dentist stop me from this.’ And he’s such a chill guy. Like, it’s just, it’s just funny. Most of the people I’ve met who do it are really relaxed, chill people. It’s something that brings my brain peace.”

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

“Hopefully, doing what I do now, but on a higher level. I really like SEO. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing this type of career. Even if I were to ever go to another company, I would want to do this. And personally, I don’t see myself wanting to go to another company for a while because the people here are awesome… So it’s just like, I would hope that I’m still doing this. But on a much higher level. I definitely want to get into the most niche possible SEO stuff possible.”