Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Isabel Skormin, Brandi Bellingham, Anastasiya Kalyuk, and Katie McLoughlin

Blogs are a useful digital marketing tool to keep potential clients informed and up-to-date about how your law firm can provide them with the representation to accomplish their legal goals. However, actually creating legal blogs can be more challenging than you may initially assume. If you’re struggling with the process of publishing legal blogs that will help attract potential leads to your website, the legal marketing experts at Market My Market can help.

Market My Market specializes in helping law firms highlight the unique skills they bring to the table when it comes to attracting potential leads and converting them to future clients. For many clients, their quest for the perfect law firm begins with a Google search for a specific legal topic or question on which they need more information. Our team of content writers and SEO specialists can help provide you with the guidelines necessary to put out legal blogs that will stand out from competitors and increase your leads.

Contributed by Isabel Skormin, Content Specialist

Create Evergreen Content by Using Up-to-Date Legal Resources

The term “evergreen” comes up often when discussing content writing for legal blogs. Like the pine and fir trees that stay green year-round, “evergreen” content remains fresh no matter when readers find your page. While breaking news articles, posts sharing the latest statistical data, and blogs covering trending topics may have their time and place, they can also become outdated and irrelevant quickly.

When it comes to writing content for legal blogs, you will want a backlog of evergreen content that will attract your audience months or even years after the content was written. Not only will this give you a better bang for your buck, but it will also ensure your firm always has informative and helpful content to entice a continuing, steady stream of readers in the future.

The research stage is particularly crucial when writing legal content because laws are constantly being amended, and new bills are always being introduced. It’s easy to mistakenly reference articles and legislations that are already out-of-date, which could make what is supposed to be “evergreen” content more akin to “everbrown” before it even hits the internet. Therefore, always double and triple-check to make sure you are only using the most up-to-date resources when creating your content.

Contributed by Brandi Bellingham, Content Specialist

Prioritize the Legal Topics You Want to Grow

When starting a legal blog, it’s important to focus on specific legal topics you want to grow. Doing so will ensure you write for the clients you want to reach. A good blog topic teases useful information, answers questions, and builds authority for the legal practice areas you specialize in. 

To come up with legal topics, consider the following tips: 

  • Write out questions you frequently hear from your clients. This could be about certain areas of law or specific legal circumstances
  • Consider what legal strategies differentiate you from competitors and break those down in a digestible way to establish trust
  • Consider complex legal steps or processes for your practice area 
  • Dispel legal myths you frequently hear from clients 
  • Write for the geological area your ideal clients are in 

Blogs are a powerful lead-generating tool that can work to amplify your overall marketing strategy. Whether it’s how-to guides, legal advice, or explanations of legal matters, your expertise in your practice area is your biggest strength and may be a sought-after resource for potential clients. 

Contributed by Anastasiya Kalyuk, Content Specialist

Find Ways to Improve Your Legal Blog Content and Increase Leads With Market My Market (Katie)

When users search for the best lawyers near them, they often come across legal blogs, making them one of the most important aspects of your website. They demonstrate your extensive legal knowledge and give clients more insight into how you can help them achieve their goals. In this way, not having a blog on your firm’s website may result in the loss of potential clients.

Market My Market’s content team of in-house writers creates legal blogs that match your business’ qualities by adapting your desired tone, flow, and voice. We manage every aspect of the process, including research, writing for specific practice areas, ensuring consistent quality control at a high standard, and using SEO to optimize your blog content. To learn more about how our team can improve your legal blog and bring more potential clients to your website, call (866) 270-2250 or fill out our contact form today.

Contributed by Katie McLoughlin, Content Writer