Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Brandi Nicklaus, Hannah Kernal, Isabel Skormin, and Anastasiya Kalyuk 

Writing content is as much an art form as it can be formulaic. As with many types of digital marketing, the sweet spot between creating dynamic content that tells a story and utilizing a formula that works is all about balance. When creating content for clients, our team of writers at Market My Market is constantly balancing our use of creativity, research, and various tools that help us create the unique pieces that make their way onto your website. 

At Market My Market, we always strive to make each piece of content better than the piece written before it. With the use of tools in conjunction with the years of experience and skills our in-house writing team has at our disposal, we’re able to streamline our writing process as we continue to develop the type of content the potential clients for your business will actually want to read. To learn more about our content processes and how we can create a customized digital marketing plan for your business, contact us here today.

Why We Use Tools During The Writing Process

While we’re proud to have a team of skilled and experienced professional writers here at Market My Market, we’re also excited to enhance the content writing process using a series of tools that help us optimize our copy even more. Using tools like AI and client packets are a way for us to take the pieces we’ve already spent time and effort perfecting and bring them to the next level—that one percent improvement—to rank above the competition. 

We believe even the best-written pieces can always be improved, and with the use of tools during our writing process, we’re able to do this. While we’re not using tools to completely replace what our skilled writers are doing throughout the writing process, having a balance that allows for a check-and-balance system that takes an already great piece of content and allows us to make small changes we may not have thought of on our own that can improve a piece even further than before.

Written by Isabel Skormin — Writing Lead

5 Tools We Use During the Writing Process

The use of various tools and software has become integral to the writing process at Market My Market, but striking a balance between leveraging these aids and maintaining our unique writing styles is essential.

The following are tools we balance on a daily basis: 

  1. AI Assistants: AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can expedite the research process, gathering information from a wide range of sources. Writers can use these to gather facts efficiently and brainstorm ideas when we have writer’s block.
  2. Grammar checking tools: Tools like Grammarly are invaluable for catching errors and suggesting stylistic improvements.
  3. Client packets: While adhering to rules is important, it’s equally crucial to use the unique voice and stylistic preferences of a particular client. 
  4. SEO tools: Tools such as SurferSEO are essential for understanding keywords and SEO trends, helping writers create more discoverable content.
  5. Analytics for improvement: Tools such as Google Analytics provide feedback on engagement and reader behavior to guide content strategy and improvement.

While tools are indispensable in the modern content writer’s arsenal, they serve best as support to our creativity and emotional connection to readers. The goal is to use technology to enhance these aspects, maintaining a balance that results in content that is both high-quality and engaging. 

Written by Anastasiya Kalyuk — Content Strategist

Benefits of Using Tools to Write Content

Employing various tools can significantly enhance the writing process. At Market My Market, we recognize the value of striking a harmonious balance between creativity, research, and the utilization of tools. A few benefits of integrating tools into our content creation strategy include:

Efficiency and Streamlined Process

Utilizing tools such as AI assistants expedites the research process, enabling our writers to gather information efficiently from a diverse range of sources. This streamlined approach allows us to produce high-quality content within shorter timeframes.

Improved Quality Control

Grammar-checking tools like Grammarly play a crucial role in maintaining the overall quality of our content. By identifying errors and suggesting stylistic improvements, these tools contribute to a polished and error-free final product.

Client-Centric Customization

Client packets are instrumental in aligning our writing with the unique voice and stylistic preferences of each client. These tools confirm our content not only adheres to grammatical rules but also resonates with the distinct client we are writing for.

Enhanced SEO Optimization

SEO tools such as SurferSEO are essential for understanding keywords and staying abreast of SEO trends. By incorporating these tools into our writing process, we increase the discoverability of our content, ultimately reaching a broader audience.

Data-Driven Improvement

Analytics tools like Google Analytics provide valuable insights into user engagement and reader behavior. This data guides our content strategy, allowing us to make informed decisions for continuous improvement and better alignment with audience preferences.

Written by Brandi Nicklaus — Content Specialist

Contact Market My Market for Your Writing Needs

Managing changes within technology can be difficult, especially in the creative and marketing spheres. Luckily, we take every effort to incorporate careful consideration and empathy into the content we create for our clients. If you’re ready to boost your marketing and SEO game, don’t hesitate to reach out to Market My Market for help.

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Written by Hannah Kernal — Content Writer