Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Kelly Quintana, Lindsay Bennett, Tanner Mowery, and Katie McCloughlin 

Brand authority is a critical part of elevating your brand from a local business to a household name. Your potential clients are bombarded with countless options online, making having a strong content strategy essential for establishing your brand’s authority and credibility. Understanding how to make your content serve your clients can help you stand out from the pack and build brand recognition. 

At Market My Market, our experienced team of in-house writers knows the importance of crafting valuable and authoritative content. We personalize every piece to your brand’s unique voice, tone, and audience while using credible sources to deliver top-notch content to your clients. Join us as our writers give their professional insights on what it takes to build an authoritative and authentic brand.

Lindsay Bennett — Content Writer

One of the best ways to build brand authority is to keep your content quality high. Content rife with errors or inaccuracies automatically communicates to readers that you are not an expert and do not hold a high standard for your work. Meanwhile, well-researched, meticulously edited content gives readers the impression that you know your stuff and care about the information you are presenting. 

It is also essential to keep your content engaging and human-sounding, especially as more and more content online is generated by AI. A friendly yet professional and informative tone can be challenging to replicate with a machine, and having distinctly human and authoritative content can help you stand out from the pack. Using human-crafted content can help you establish trust with your audience and bolster your brand’s authority and credibility. 

Tanner Mowery — Content Writer

Written content gives your business a direct line to your audience. You can communicate with them through the comfort of their laptop or their phone screen with highly-researched and engaged content, which allows you to not only potentially entice them as a future client, but build your brand as well. Written content gives you the chance to talk directly to your clients and show them what you are all about. By positioning yourself as the guide and showing you understand their needs and concerns by offering a specific solution, they will look to you as an authority figure in your industry. 

When writing content for clients, I am always careful to hit the perfect balance between engaging and authoritative content. Nobody wants to read a full blog post about your accolades, and nobody wants to read a full piece where a solution isn’t provided. With years of experience, I am able to strike that exact balance and build a sense of brand authenticity and authority through my pieces. 

Katie McCloughlin — Content Writer

When users search for answers to their questions, they rely on brands and content to provide trustworthy information. To establish this trust, your brand’s content should demonstrate your clear understanding of the subject matter and tell readers what makes you an authoritative source. When writing for our clients at Market My Market, I often utilize storybranding, an approach to writing that shows readers how our clients can guide them to a successful outcome.

Building brand authority with storybranding involves establishing an emotional and professional connection with the reader. I do this by showing readers our clients understand what they are going through and expressing empathy in conjunction with information about the client’s experience, success rate, and extensive knowledge of the blog or page’s subject. In addition to storybranding, I also include external links to reliable sources in nearly every piece I write. This may include links to laws, studies, and statistics that add context to the blog or page. Using these links shows readers the piece is well-researched and they can trust our clients to give them the knowledge they need to succeed.

Enhance Your Brand’s Authority with Market My Market’s Expert Content Marketing Services

Our team of skilled writers at Market My Market plays a pivotal role in not only creating content but also in building brand authority through our expertise and commitment to quality. By consistently producing informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized content, we help businesses establish themselves as trusted industry leaders. Our writers understand the nuances of every client’s unique identity, crafting narratives that resonate with their target audience while adhering to the latest SEO best practices. 

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