Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Brandi Bellingham, Hannah Kernal, Isabel Skormin, and Anastasiya Kalyuk 

Digital content can serve as a valuable resource for patients seeking information and answers to various questions about their physical and oral health. If written well, this content can prove even more valuable for medical and dental offices hoping to connect with potential patients by helping them rank higher on Google. Unfortunately, despite this type of content’s inherent value for both readers and businesses, medical and dental topics are some of the most challenging subjects for writers to tackle.

Explaining complex topics in a clear, concise, and engaging manner is a true art that requires excellent communication skills, which not all writers possess. From dissecting intricate medical and surgical procedures to simplifying the mysteries of dental hygiene, the writers on Market My Market’s content team are not just wordsmiths, but translators of medical wisdom. As a team, we bridge the gap between the expert jargon of the healthcare industry and the curiosity of the common reader.

Brandi Bellingham — Content Specialist

Writing about medical and dental topics often requires a deep understanding of complicated scientific and technical concepts. Because of this higher level of complexity, before I put finger-to-keyboard, I start by conducting in-depth research on the topic. I consult credible sources such as medical journals, authoritative websites, and academic publications to ensure I have a clear understanding of the subject matter before I begin writing. With these topics, I need to be extremely careful to avoid spreading false or outdated information, making fact-checking a vital and time-consuming task.

Once I feel like I have the basics down, I need to sort out how to convey the information in a way that’s empathetic and reassuring while maintaining accuracy. The medical and dental fields are rife with technical jargon and terminology that can be intimidating for the average reader. Therefore, it’s important that I translate this jargon into understandable language without oversimplifying or coming off too abrasively.

Breaking up long paragraphs, using bullet points, and providing clear headings can help make these difficult topics easier to digest. However, relating with the reader is a more powerful strategy. If the reader feels like their concerns are felt by the writer, they will feel more connected to the content and the client’s mission.

Hannah Kernal — Content Writer 

Medical and dental topics, similar to our legal content, should always be handled carefully and thoughtfully. We typically point audiences to consult a medical professional before they move forward with any decisions. While exploring complex medical and dental issues can be interesting, we would never claim to know as much as the individuals and teams who have had more education and experience than we do.

It would be irresponsible to make definitive claims about their well-being or what conditions or issues they might have. Offering a diagnosis to readers might constitute medical advice, but we’re writers. We leave diagnosis, treatment, medical recommendations, and next steps to the professional medical and dental providers. Ultimately, this is far safer and helps readers make an informed decision.

Isabel Skormin — Content Specialist

As the daughter of a dentist, I have seen my father struggle firsthand with content writers he worked with who just could not quite grasp the level of professionalism necessary for this type of content while still having an approachable feel for potential patients. When it comes to our medical and dental clients, I always keep in mind that patients trust our clients with their health, so they need to know that this doctor or dentist knows what they’re talking about before they book their appointment. 

While we would never give patients medical or dental advice in our writing, we can research relevant topics and provide our clients’ potential patients with information that will let them know that they have come to the right place for whatever healthcare needs they are in search of. As with all of our clients at Market My Market, we are proud to say that our content process is designed to ensure the content we create is thoughtful, informative, and brings value to our clients’ digital brand. 

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