Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Katie McLoughlin, Kelly Quintana, Lindsay Bennett, and Tanner Mowery 

Keeping readers’ attention is an essential element of digital marketing, and one way to keep readers engaged is with topical content. Unlike evergreen content, which stays relevant for extended periods of time, topical content is timely and regularly updated, as it often discusses recently discovered information readers may be interested in. At Market My Market, we help elevate your business’s content by providing high-quality, topical content.

Our in-house team of expert writers understands how to keep content fresh and engaging. With innovative techniques, detailed blog topic research, and cutting-edge content plans, we help your business stand out with relevant pieces that increase traffic and leads. Learn more from our content writers and specialists about how we keep our writing at MMM topical.

Katie McLoughlin — Content Writer

When creating content for our clients, I always keep topical information in mind, from blog topic research to the writing process. When looking for new blog topics, I always search for recent news stories or relevant upcoming holidays that could inspire a piece. Our in-house writing team works together frequently to brainstorm new ideas and keep our content interesting. 

When writing, I use my StoryBranding certification to take topical content to the next level. StoryBranding’s framework positions the reader as the hero and our clients as their guide, which helps establish trust and stream our clients’ brands. This approach, in tandem with relevant topics, further elevates our clients’ content and helps them stand out amongst their competitors.

Kelly Quintana — Content Writer

One of the most important things I keep in mind when creating blog topics for our clients is their audience and goals. Finding topical subject matters is about ensuring they reach our client’s target audience to guarantee they get results. I utilize the detailed records we keep on our client’s industry and their goals, then implement that knowledge into my research when looking for the most recent news. It’s important that the topics we choose aren’t just the most current but also provide our client’s audience with the information they need and continuously benefit our clients.

Lindsay Bennett — Content Writer

While creating relevant topics is a core part of ensuring our content is topical, it is also important to include sections and information within the content that is interesting for the client’s audience. At Market My Market, our writers strive to answer the readers’ questions quickly in every piece of content and expand on the initial topic in a way that keeps the reader engaged. A key part of this is ensuring we include headers and sections that can help the reader with their problem. 

For example, if someone is injured in a car accident, they don’t necessarily need to know about what may have caused their accident or the types of injuries sustained in such accidents. However, including information relevant to the reader, such as how to protect their rights, pursue a claim, and collect damages for their losses, gives the reader information they can actually use, making our content more topical and effective. Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes and searching results for questions you may have following an accident can help us generate these subtopics and create relevant content for our clients. 

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