Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Kelly Quintana, Lindsay Bennett, McKenzie Fox, Tanner Mowery, and Jordan Kimmel

Understanding your clients is a big part of the job when it comes to digital marketing. Comprehending their personalized interests and the sort of impression they want to make with their online presence is key to helping them get the results they are looking for when it comes to writing personalized content. 

At Market My Market, we put a great deal of effort into understanding our client’s unique goals and desires. In order to help you do the same, a few of our expert content writers put together a guide explaining how to better connect, engage, and cultivate an inherent understanding of your client’s specific needs.

Tanner Mowery — Content Writer

When it comes to beginning to understand new clients, the first thing I do is familiarize myself with everything they already have posted online. This can be their website, any social media, or even the three LinkedIn posts they shared two years ago. I like to see how they have presented themselves to their community so far. What sort of voice are they using? How do they like to present themselves to the world or—if they have any—their clients? 

From there, I’ll look at the actual community they represent and familiarize myself with their market and their demographics. For example, if they are a personal injury law firm in the north, I’ll look at local laws and regulations. This combination of empathy and persona-building from available data is sure to help when it comes to painting a picture of your client’s unique goals and ideas. 

Kelly Quintana — Content Writer

At the heart of our process lies a dedicated effort to comprehensively understand our clients and the audiences they aim to serve. When I begin my process, I start by delving into our internal notes and meticulously examining the feedback they’ve provided us. Simultaneously, I explore and research their competitors’ blogs, dissecting the elements contributing to their success. 

By identifying these nuances, I strive to curate a distinctly tailored experience for our clients and the clientele they aspire to engage. Our approach at Market My Market hinges on thorough industry, audience, and location research, allowing us to glean insights that inform our strategy. However, the true essence of understanding a client lies in our careful attention to the client’s input, ensuring a final product that resonates uniquely with their vision and goals.

Lindsay Bennett — Content Writer

While understanding a client’s voice and brand is absolutely critical to content creation, it is also vital to gain a deep understanding of their industry or practice area. Knowing the ins and outs of the services our clients offer can help me tailor their content to their unique needs and zone in on their target audience. Additionally, it helps me generate relevant and novel blog topics to help them stand out within their niche. 

To gain a deeper understanding of a client’s offerings, I analyze their website and research various topics on credible sites with .gov or .edu domains. Collecting these references and adding them to my personal notes helps me draw on authoritative sources for their content and adds credibility to the content. Taking the time to deeply research a client’s field can not only give me a better idea of their area of expertise but also provide answers to the types of questions their potential clients may have regarding their field. 

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