Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Hannah Kernal, Anastasiya Raynor, Katie McLoughlin, and Isabel Skormin

If you have an online presence—whether for a personal blog, a small business, or sharing other content you’ve created—you may wonder exactly how you can personalize your work. Branding can be complex, but it’s a necessary part of establishing yourself online and designating a solid and loyal audience for your work. At Market My Market, we have a unified goal of creating content that reads professionally and is easily accessible. Nevertheless, each writer on our team has a distinct voice and an assortment of strengths on which they can focus.

Each member of the team personalizes their content in different ways, which may include an alternate process for getting started, cleaning up and doing the first round of edits, communicating our messaging, highlighting our client’s assets, and giving every piece its own voice. If you’re interested in discovering more about how some of our writers personalize their content, you’re in the right place to find inspiration and learn from some of the best in the business.

Anastasiya Raynor — Content Writer

Legal clients have a unique tone and personality when it comes to their brand. When beginning to write content, I first research their online presence. Generally, on their website, you can infer what type of relationship they have with their clients, their personalities, and what makes them unique in their practice area. Using the elements that make them stand out, I craft their messaging in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that the information is scannable and informative. Finally, I implement their preferences from our client guide to ensure it uses the most appropriate language and tone for their brand. 

Katie McLoughlin — Content Writer

We work with many legal clients at Market My Market, but each has a different voice and style that I implement when writing content. One of the first steps I take when starting a piece is exploring the client’s website to get a clear understanding of their online presence and unique brand. I also take the time to review their preferences in our client guide, which often contains further insight into the client’s preferred tone. 

Based on this information, I start writing with the client and their audience in mind, often incorporating storytelling elements that make the content stand out and have a personalized voice. To ensure the message of each piece is communicated clearly, I use an easily skimmable and readable structure that helps readers get the information they need quickly while keeping them engaged. When reviewing the finished content, I ensure it highlights the client’s strengths and contributes to their online presence.

Hannah Lin Kernal — Content Writer

Every client MMM works with has an opportunity to give comments, constructive criticism, and guidance about the writing we do for them. To ensure every need is met, I’ll copy and paste portions of a client guide, convert it into a sort of to-do list, and refer to it as I write each piece. Even if I’m very familiar with a particular client or type of work, this helps me remember exactly what they want to highlight and avoid. I won’t check off any piece of a client guide until I’ve double-checked that everything is exactly as requested.

If I struggle to get started on a particular piece of work, I will roll a 20-sided die to decide a direction to take. Numbers 1-20 correspond with topics on a list I’ve created, making it easier to find headers that best match a topic. I also find that doing this helps reduce decision fatigue and ensures each piece is unique.

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