Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Kelly Quintana, Kenzie Fox, Tanner Mowery, and Lindsay Bennett

Unlocking the creative flow and conquering writer’s block is an ongoing challenge faced by even the most seasoned wordsmiths. In the pursuit of empowering aspiring writers, the accomplished content team at Market My Market delves into a compelling exploration of diverse perspectives on how to shatter the chains of stagnation and reignite the spark of inspiration. Through our wealth of collective experience and invaluable insights, we share our tips and tricks, providing a roadmap for revitalizing creativity and overcoming the formidable hurdle of writer’s block.

Kelly Quintana — Content Writer

When it comes to beating writer’s block, I’ve discovered my secret weapon: creating an environment that keeps me laser-focused. Different clients and topics demand different vibes, so sometimes I have to switch up my location or swap my go-to drink. I can’t control everything, but I can tweak my surroundings to suit me and boost my concentration. Whenever I hit a roadblock in my writing, I’ve found that shuffling things around in my physical space does wonders for my brain. It’s like a magical reset button that unlocks new pathways of thinking and gets me unstuck.

Kenzie Fox — Content Specialist

Writer’s block is every content creator’s worst nightmare and something we all have our own ways of navigating. While many people believe writer’s block only indicates the absence of ideas, the term also refers to the feeling of mental exhaustion and other factors inhibiting a writer’s ability to put words on paper. 

If I’m ever unsure or lack ideas when writing a legal piece, I find a great place to spur ideas is frequently asked questions (FAQs) or client testimonials. Understanding a potential client’s perspective and what they might be going through helps me figure out the sections to write and what information they might require.

However, if my writer’s block stems from mental exhaustion, I find it helpful to partake in another activity. Sometimes it’s a quick doodle on a piece of paper, and other times, it’s taking 10 minutes and working on a puzzle. There’s the saying, “If you can’t remember an important task, think of something else, and it’ll come back to you.” Using a different part of my brain is extremely important when taking a break, and allows my mind to reset before continuing with my task. By using these methods, I’ve found writing complex legal content extremely fulfilling.

Tanner Mowery — Content Writer

As a content writer…and a “for fun” writer…and an “I have to write for school, too?” writer, it’s easy to forget how much fun the actual act of slamming my fingers against a keyboard can bring me. When I’m feeling fidgety and I can’t quite begin to formulate even an introduction sentence in my head, I do something that maybe seems counterintuitive: I stop trying. Writer’s block is exactly that, and I’ve started to lean into the mental jam as a solution. Getting up and walking away from your computer—if even for three minutes—and going on a walk, reading a quick article on your phone, or making yourself a coffee to reward yourself for all of the writing you’re about to do is one of the only ways I have found to truly restart my brain and get the ideas flowing again.

I’ve always joked that I do my best writing when I’m away from my keyboard, and maybe it’s true. When you physically get up and take a deep breath of fresh air, you get your blood literally circulating, and it truly helps. If I’m really stuck on a piece, I’ll use the notes section on my phone to collect quick bullet points or heading ideas as they come to me if I’m mid-walk or in line to get a coffee. Trying to force something when nothing’s there results in a bad piece of content. Next time you’re faced with a two-hour deadline and a blank sheet of paper, try spending a couple of those minutes treating yourself to a walk as you percolate all of the exciting ideas you’re about to explore.

Lindsay Bennett — Content Writer

Overcoming writer’s block is like trying to wade through a dense fog. The incessant blinking of my cursor on an empty document is sometimes the only thing I can see in front of me. I’ve finally stopped reaching for my phone to escape the fog, only to become trapped in an endless cycle of scrolling. These days, I’ll silence it and leave it to charge in another room when I’m feeling the block. However, being free of that pesky temptation isn’t always enough to leave me with a clear head full of ideas. 

After years of trial and error, I’ve finally found a system that works for me with timers. I’ve come to notice I am at my best creatively when I’m under the most pressure. When a deadline is rapidly approaching, I am typically able to produce my best work. I, fortunately, don’t have to contend with the stress of having a hard deadline at the end of every workday, so I create a sense of urgency for myself with timers. When I set a time limit and challenge myself to write as much as I can in an hour, 30 minutes, or sometimes, as little as five minutes, the fog tends to clear much faster than anticipated as I devise a way to achieve my goal within the allotted time. With the timer running, I stop second-guessing myself and simply write. While it may not always turn out perfectly, it is much easier to edit something you’ve written than something you haven’t even started. 

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