Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Brandi Bellingham, Katie McLoughlin, Isabel Skormin, Jordan Kimmel and Hannah Kernal

Being a thought leader in your industry is a powerful way to establish your expertise, build credibility, and attract a loyal audience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through your content marketing strategy. However, being thought-leading is significantly easier said than done. So, how do you ensure you’re approaching it correctly?

At Market My Market, our content writers and specialists are one of the driving forces behind our business. Their knowledge and experience help propel our company to thought-leader status, making a name for Market My Market in the content marketing industry and allowing us to create more leads and better service for our clients.

Contributed by Brandi Bellingham, Content Specialist

What is Thought-Leadership?

Thought leadership means understanding your field completely, paving the way in your niche, and being eager to share your knowledge with others. Thought leadership lays the framework that people outside the organization will inevitably follow and shows your clients that you’re dedicated to and passionate about your area of expertise. This often takes patience and various strategies, including strong content marketing. Not only can practicing thought leadership help you stand out amongst others in your practice area, but it can also benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Inaugurate new and innovative ideas
  • Establish your credibility
  • Build your brand and presence
  • Demonstrate your valuable perspective and insight
  • Encourage forward thinking amongst your team and clients
  • Allow you to focus on what you know and share it with others
  • Inspire others to practice thought leadership

Many businesses use content marketing as an effective way to practice thought leadership because it allows them to show potential clients their extensive knowledge of their specific field and establish their authority. In this way, thought leadership is a tool that helps establish your business as a trusted source that offers valuable guidance.

Contributed by Katie McLoughlin, Content Writer

5 Strategies You Can Implement in Your Content Marketing That Illustrate Thought Leadership

Being a thought leader via your content marketing can help your business interact on a deeper level with your audience and improve public perception of your brand. When you adopt the following strategies in your content marketing, you will be able to illustrate thought leadership and foster a better relationship with the audience that may become leads:

  • Immersering yourself in different perspectives: True leaders aren’t afraid to admit what they don’t know and hear what others have to offer. When researching the content you’ll be writing—and thus, establishing the authority within your field—immersing yourself in perspectives different than your own allows you to broaden your expertise. After all, the more you listen to others, the more insight you’ll be able to soak up in order to form your own thought-leading viewpoints.
  • Challenging existing best practices: Being a thought leader doesn’t necessarily mean always going against the grain and being a non-conformist for the sake of it. In fact, many longstanding beliefs and ideas are deep-rooted for a reason: because they work. However, it’s important to challenge established ideas to feel out if there are better and more efficient ways of executing them. If you truly want to pave the way in your niche, you must write about novel ways of executing well-rooted theories, concepts, and principles.
  • Constantly educating and developing yourself: Being a thought leader doesn’t mean establishing a point of view once and leaving it at that. The world around us is ever-evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the times. Consistently remaining informed and working to evolve your point of view is crucial if you want to be a thought leader for today and tomorrow’s world. Continuously posting blogs up-to-date with current trends and research is a vital aspect of your content marketing strategy if you want to be a thought leader.
  • Responding to questions nobody else is responding to: Being a thought leader doesn’t mean going with the crowd. It’s crucial to find out the pockets wherein questions aren’t being addressed. To do so, you need to see what others are publishing and, thus, what’s missing from the conversation. Then you can work to post content in which you’re answering the questions no one else is.
  • Conducting novel research, surveys, and investigations: In order to form your own opinions, you often have to root your research in what others have already established. We’ve already determined in the first bullet that this is a crucial part of thought leadership. However, it’s also imperative that you formulate your own research through personal studies and examinations. Conducting novel research, surveys, and investigations brings you that much closer to thought leadership status.

The use of thought leadership in content marketing focuses on establishing authority within your field. By utilizing thought leadership in your content marketing, your audience will likely feel more confident in the information they are getting from the content you put out, which can be a catalyst for lead conversion. 

Contributed by Isabel Skormin, Content Specialist, and Jordan Kimmel, Content Lead

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Contributed by Hannah Kernal, Content Writer