Did you know that the average American consumer wastes about one pound of food per day? Or that approximately 240,190 children go to bed hungry?

Earlier this month, Market My Market’s team united around a good cause and helped fight hunger by volunteering at food banks across the nation. We sorted and inspected thousands of pounds of food, and collectively, were able to provide a large number of meals to families in need of food assistance. 

As Market My Market’s footprint continues to grow, we feel a greater sense of responsibility to our communities and the environment, and thus are taking a leadership role in positively impacting the world in which we live. Our recent volunteer efforts were the first in a series of philanthropic initiatives we will be undertaking, helping to facilitate our core value of doing the right thing and fulfilling a greater purpose beyond profit. We believe that social good not only helps forge a stronger bond between our team, but it also helps us feel more connected to the communities in which we operate. It’s an opportunity to strengthen the business and contribute to society at the same time. A win-win! 

Michael Freeman, who volunteered at the non-profit organization, Rise Against Hunger, in Orlando, FL, said: “Our eyes were opened to the extent of hunger around the world and we enjoyed every second of volunteering at their warehouse, getting food and other critical items ready to be shipped.” Ryan Klein, who volunteered at Feeding America, in Seattle, WA, said: “I was thrilled to be able to express my concern for hunger relief, as well as my commitment to a non-profit organization that is very meaningful to me. It reminded me to look at the bigger picture, and gave me a renewed sense of motivation to do the best work possible inside and outside of the office.”

If you’d like to share in the good feelings associated with volunteer efforts, we implore you to reach out to your local communities and help combat the major social and environmental issues that face us. We’re confident your time volunteering will be both educational and rewarding. Here are a few pics from our events:

MMM VolunteeringMMM Orlando office Volunteering