Survey after survey confirms it: people love the holidays. They find getting into the holiday spirit simply irresistible and love to do one thing in particular: plenty of shopping. In fact, a lot of consumers find shopping and gift-giving around the holidays more special than any other time of the year.

That, of course, gives your company the ideal opportunity to design winter and holiday marketing campaigns that give consumers a reason to visit your website and social media platforms and read your unique content — if you know how to tap into that holiday and winter spirit. From stimulating their sense of nostalgia to focusing on the importance of customer loyalty, to going large on the holiday spirit, there are plenty of ways to build reader interest with uniquely crafted holiday marketing campaigns.

And one of the top pieces of advice is to make the most of mobile. There’s no question that online shopping has increased substantially in recent years, and a new report indicates that a whopping 97% of shoppers will buy goods online this year. That same study, by the International Council of Shopping Centers, predicts in their report that holiday spending is going to increase 4.9% over last year, totaling $832.3 billion. That’s a lot of cash register and e-commerce sales to be had.

So, how do you take full advantage of that holiday spirit in your own digital marketing efforts? Here are some ideas to consider.

What Are Some Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas?

There’s no question that as fall gets underway and the holidays approach, consumers start to respond positively to winter marketing campaigns, particularly the ones that balance nostalgia with images that people love, including almost childlike scenes of winter. But not everyone will respond warmly to that kind of marketing, and some consumers are obviously looking for content that’s more sophisticated. 

How do you turn November and December into the most wonderful time of the year — to attract customers?  Think for a moment about what truly does become important to consumers at this time of year. That can include:

How to Focus on Our Human Connection

Outside of shopping mania, one thing people love about the holiday season is the fact that they tend to feel more connected to their families, friends, and even their communities. It may be cold outside in winter, but the season can also inspire some warmth within all of us.

Those are rich emotions you can tap into through your marketing campaigns and content creation, focusing on families spending time together and images that can range from the traditional roasting chestnuts on an open fire to curling up with a cup of hot cocoa. There’s a lot of warmth you can bring to your marketing campaign as you tap into those emotions of people being together.

How to Take Advantage of Holiday Nostalgia

In the days of social media, nostalgic images can become a potent marketing tool. That can include references to classic winter and holiday movies, or the use of classic winter colors or patterns in winter clothing. Just be cautious not to use too much nostalgia, which can end up distracting from your products and services.

Try Making Your Digital Campaigns Interactive

A digital winter campaign can help attract customers to your marketing strategy and encourage them to connect with your company. One very effective tool is Instagram Stories, which you can use to ask your followers to vote on different issues and topics related to the season, making it fun and interactive — while also gauging their opinions on products and shopping trends.  Instagram also has a Questions feature that lets your followers ask your company about anything on their mind, and those questions can be answered in new story posts.


This is also a great opportunity for your company to think about letting your followers know more about your employees and who they are. One consideration is to go live from your office, especially if you’ve done some decorating for the holidays or are hosting a holiday event at the office. That live video lets you further connect with your Instagram followers on a more intimate level.

How Winter Marketing Campaigns Help Solve People’s Problems

The holidays don’t always have to be about the joy of shopping and consumerism. Think about ways to craft your content so you’re helping people solve problems that can occur during the winter and holiday seasons — from dealing with icy or snow-covered roads to struggling with the large crowds at retail centers. Does your business have products and services that can help people cope? Look for ways to use content to emphasize how your services can relieve stress during the season. Promote your online store as a convenient way to avoid the holiday shopping rush at the malls. Demonstrate to readers how your products and services can help people spend more time with their families, or how your services are ideal for organizing holiday parties and events. 

How To Promote Your Company Through Philanthropy

One way to connect with customers is to give thanks — to them for connecting with you, but also to the communities that you and your workers are connected to. The holiday season is an ideal time for your business to show its appreciation of your customers and your community, and it’s also a great way to build customer loyalty.

Think about participating in local events, including charitable activities that fit in with the season. Getting involved in your community is a terrific way to get your name out there, and it also works to build relationships and networks of people who will recommend you to their friends, family, and coworkers. 

You can also use those events to amplify your social media presence, sharing photos and videos of your volunteer work for charitable organizations, while also inviting your followers to share photos of how they celebrate the holidays with their family. It’s a way to make your brand more memorable to customers.

You could also create a special page on your website that emphasizes all of this: what the holidays mean at your company and to your employees, how your business gives back to the community during the season, and how you enjoy hearing from your customers about their own holiday experiences. Having a specific page for your holiday marketing campaign can provide better conversion rates by focusing your web traffic on a single goal, and that also makes it easier to run ads and to track the overall success of your campaign.

How To Diversify Your Winter and Holiday Marketing Campaigns

When you’re creating content, think about ways to help people solve any issues they might be experiencing during the super-busy and hectic holiday season, and make it informative and enjoyable to read. There are plenty of smart ways to engage people in your social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, and content creation. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of any of these possible avenues. 

If you’re not certain about how to enhance your marketing goals at this time of year and hope to use holiday marketing campaigns to boost sales, we can help. At Market My Market, we collaborate closely with our clients to demonstrate the best ways to create content that improves the user experience for your customers, and delivers the content they’re looking for. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.