It was the biggest change to the Google algorithm in quite some time.  Yes, of course things changed.

To be straight up, what are things that we saw across different industries that may or may not have anything to do with one another?

  • Many younger sites with a couple dozen pages beat out larger, much older websites for specific keywords.
  • Google+ shifted around and Google Places listings did some jumping around as well
  • Our ability to track Google Traffic was basically eliminated, and now some software services are claiming they still have the ability to see them
  • Google doesn’t plan on ceasing to name updates after adorable animals

Now does it get more technical and extensive than this: yes.  Like I started, this is a huge overhaul to the way Google will be displaying results and ranking queries.
We think one thing to focus on is local.  Local links, local content, local sourcing…unless you are a national company.  That’ll probably be addressed later.

Why local?  It’s a trend in the shift.  With the focus on Google Places, and search results becoming so catered to what the user needs, they aren’t having to look too far.
How do you produce local content?  That can be geographic in nature, with references to other points within your location’s radius.

Blogging about services in your region without keyword stuffing your state, county, city.
Blogging about events in your area and then sharing via social and acquiring a response right around you.

A local trend is focal point moving forward, supported by your ability to represent yourself socially and through your website.

Now local links?  Think other websites doing what you’re doing linking to you.  Local news, and somehow getting those press releases on a micro level.  This could
really have you shine on a local level.

Is that all there is to it?  Not really, and we’ll get more into it as Hummingbird updates with different revisions and versions.  But it is definitely a good mindset to be
in moving forward with your internet marketing campaigns.