A law firm marketing manager (also referred to as a law firm marketing director) is the one you put in charge of your law firm’s digital marketing efforts. While you may be able to handle your advertising by yourself when your law firm first opens, as jobs begin to pick up you may find that you simply can’t spend the time doing research yourself. A marketing coordinator allows you the time to focus on your current cases, pursuing prospects, and recruiting legal talent for your firm’s legal team. Whether your firm has almost one hundred people, or you run a smaller practice, marketing development is most successful when a strong manager understands your goals and can offer or implement strategies to meet them. What should you be looking for out of a marketing manager?

If yours is a larger law firm, then you will most likely want to look for a marketing manager that has at least 10 years of experience. A generally good candidate for the position is one who has demonstrated strong leadership skills, project management skills, has the ability to move around a complex organization, all while demonstrating the proper business behavior. If you want to look back into the college level, a marketing manager will usually have a degree in communications or marketing, with demonstrated experience within the field.

Once you find an experienced marketing manager for your law firm, that manager should get started in researching a business development plan. This plan will help make sure that the right amount of resources are being put into your marketing, that you as the principal attorney have the right level of involvement with the marketing, and that the marketing is aimed at areas and people who are most likely to contact you as future clients. If necessary, a law firm marketing manager can also help the hiring attorney with pitches and networking events in order to help grow the legal practice’s professional team. Finally, branding helps improve your law firm’s inherent value, and a marketing leader will work to make sure the brand for your own firm is understood and demonstrated through your business activities.