If your dental practice hasn’t gained the number of patients you were hoping for, you may be either running your blog in an ineffective manner or targeting the wrong audience. Regardless, it’s never too late to fix your mistakes and prevent them from occurring in the future.

If you’re running a dental blog, it’s essential that you have the know-how to run a blog effectively, and this includes being able to stay on top of trending dental topics. This is where an experienced marketing agency can help. You can begin to improve your online presence and run a more effective blog using the insightful tips below.  

How to Run a Trending Dental Blog

Your audience will appreciate you providing blog posts with up-to-date and trending dental topics that give them both valuable information and your expert opinion. It’s particularly important for newer dental specialists to prove the experience and knowledge they’ve gained throughout their years of practice in the dental field.

However, this isn’t as easy as it may seem. Many dental specialists don’t know what the trending blog topics are or whether patients really care to learn about oral health. So, being in the dental industry, it’s your job to educate them on the importance of dental health.

Top Trending Topics to Include in Your Dental Blog

Some ideas of trending topics to write about for your blog include the following:

1. Current Dentistry Issues Revealed

One interesting way to blog is through storytelling. This is your opportunity to tell your story about why you got into the dental industry and started your own practice and how you got into family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry.

As a new dental business, you may have faced issues with understaffing, so you could share tips and tricks you used to effectively run your dental practice. You may even want to talk about tools that you’ve utilized so a future dental assistant can reshare them with other aspiring dentists.

2. Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

While patients may be considering dental implants, they are also thinking about the associated costs. While you may not provide the exact cost right up front, you could give them an estimated cost range for various types of implants. You could also add information about the differences between the various types of implants, any pros and cons, and your opinion on the best type that fits their needs.

3. What Is Dental Sedation and Can All Patients Use It Safely?

Dental sedation sounds like a frightening concept to many people. You need to keep this in mind. Your job as a dental specialist is to present your products and services in such a way that people will want to use them instead of turning away from them. If you use a certain type of sedation in your practice, you can use a blog post to explain why you decided to use it and include credible research and links.

4. Latest Restorative Dentistry Technology

If your specialty is restorative dentistry, a blog post is your opportunity to inform your readers of the types of equipment and materials you use. You can also answer any questions they may have about this field of dentistry. Use social media to gather questions that are asked the most, and write a blog post about these questions with your answers.

5. Do You Need Dental Insurance?

If you have any uninsured dental patients, you can give them information on your prices, offers, and dental benefits program if you have one. To entice your readers to consider purchasing your dental benefits program, you can explain all the features and benefits in list format in your blog post to make it easy for them to see the important points.

6. General Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry

In a blog post, you can outline the primary similarities and differences between these two types of dentistry. Include informative facts about baby and adult teeth and why children shouldn’t visit a general dentist. Add in special instructions to help care for adults’ and kids’ teeth.

7. Do Root Canals Hurt?

A big reason why patients don’t see a dentist until it’s too late is the fear of pain. They often go online to research their dental tooth issues and read other people’s comments who have dealt with the same thing. What they don’t realize is that each dentist has their own approach, their own equipment, and their own techniques. Your method of root canal treatment will likely differ from other dentists, so be sure to let your readers know about this as well.

8. Braces vs. Invisalign: What’s the Difference?

When patients require dental alignment treatment, one of their biggest questions is whether they should get braces or Invisalign. Here’s your opportunity to list out the pros and cons of each so that patients can start determining which method will suit them the best. Once they make their decision, they’ll likely come to your dental practice to have the work done since you provided them with the information.

9. Health Issues Poor Oral Hygiene Can Cause

Often, individuals think that not keeping up with their oral and dental health isn’t that big of a deal. Writing a blog that outlines the “bigger picture” of poor oral hygiene and the amount of consequences they may face could potentially push them to start taking better care of their dental health.

10. Things to Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular dental service. You can write a blog post that provides readers with a list of facts about Invisalign that they should know when considering this treatment. You could also incorporate an FAQ.

Let Market My Market Help You With Your Trending Dental Blog

As a dental specialist, there probably isn’t a time when you’re not busy, and running a dental blog will take even more time out of your day. If you genuinely want to run an established dental blog and gain a lot of patients, you will need to provide optimized and reachable content.

Your dental practice should always be able to adapt to current trends and demand, including maintaining an up-to-date blog with trending topics. Let Market My Market help you with not just your blog marketing strategy but all your digital marketing needs. Call us today at (866) 270-2250 or fill out our online form to learn more.