There are many tools that dental practices can use to get their information to prospective patients who are seeking the services they offer. While Google Business Pages are crucial for ensuring that your practice appears in local “near me” searches, there are additional directories where you can also have your information listed. Unfortunately, not all business directories are created equal. Google does not count all links to your website when determining your ranking on search results, which means you must be selective when choosing which paid directories provide a marketing benefit.

There are several dental directories provided by trusted organizations in the industry. Paying to have your practice listed in a reputable and high-ranking dental-related directory can increase your visibility for people looking for specific services. 

The Benefits of Paid Directories

While local searches through Google are the most common way that prospective patients in your area find information about your practice, not every searcher knows exactly what they’re looking for. They could be searching for more information about a particular service, or they could be having difficulty knowing how to choose between local providers of those services. 

Directories offered by reputable organizations help your practice build brand recognition. Searchers who consult multiple dental directories and see your name listed in them will associate your name with the services provided and keep you in mind when choosing a provider. Additionally, the directory places your name and information in front of other providers, further extending your reach.

The Importance of Rankings When Choosing a Paid Directory

You’ve worked to improve your search rankings, but it is important to also consider the rankings of the directory when determining whether to spend marketing dollars there. Make sure you request analytics from directories that can help you determine whether the directory is worth your time. Some of the types of analytics you will want to see from the directory publisher when making your listing decisions include:

  • Top keywords: Directory publishers should know which keywords are driving the most traffic to their sites. For practices considering a placement in the directory, knowing these keywords and how they apply to the services they provide can help them determine if the information searchers are seeking aligns with the services they’re providing.
  • Email capture rates: If the directory uses email marketing to bring users to the site, they should be able to tell you the percentage of users who are subscribing to receive these emails.
  • Visitor engagement: How many clicks or shares does the directory get? How much time are users spending on the directory site? Beware of directories that boast extremely large clicks but few shares and little time on the site. Many directories will use the number of clicks to boast about their reach, but if users aren’t spending time on the site or sharing the information there, you’re not likely to see much benefit from your listing.

It is also helpful to study the practices already listed in the directory. When you type in a search of keywords for the services and location of those practices, where do they appear in the search results? When you click on that practice’s link in the directory, does it take you to a website that is well-designed? Beware of directories that list practices that are no longer in business or feature broken links. This is an indication that the directory is not regularly updated and cannot be a trusted source of information.

Some Paid Directories to Consider for Your Dental Practice Website

As noted, listing your practice in a paid directory offered by a reputable organization can help increase traffic to your site. Some directories to consider include:

  • The American Dental Association’s Find-a-Dentist directory: The ADA is among the most trusted associations in the industry, and the Find-a-Dentist listing is included for those who have paid for a membership in the organization. Members are all provided a listing and are only tasked with ensuring that the listing is updated. 
  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: If your practice specializes in providing dental services for children, this is yet another association that is worth considering. Like the ADA, AAPD provides a free listing with a paid membership, and members get other benefits as well, including a directory of other providers and researchers they can collaborate with.
  • Orthodontist Pages: If you offer orthodontist treatment, you can obtain a free listing through Orthodontist Pages. Or, for an $8 monthly fee, you can provide an enhanced listing that appears higher on the page than the free ones. A $20 monthly fee buys you an enhanced listing that appears above the free and linked listings.

In addition to paid directories, don’t forget the visibility and networking opportunities offered by social media platforms such as Facebook Business Pages, LinkedIn, and review sites such as Yelp.

How Market My Market Can Help You Develop a Marketing Strategy for Your Practice

With a world of information just a click away, prospective patients are doing their research when selecting where to receive their dental services. Being seen on social media platforms and through reputable directories is an important part of growing your practice. Our team of in-house experts can help you determine the best avenues for getting your information to the patients who need it. We can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that not only builds your reach but allows you to track your results to know which tools are providing the most value for you.

Let Market My Market be your growth partner. For more information about our services, call us at (866) 270-2250 or schedule a Zoom call with us through our online contact form.