Many lawyers are adamant about the fact that they care for their clients, but their enthusiasm falters when asked if their clients know. Attorneys are often afraid of opening up or letting their clients know that they care, because they believe it may make them look weak or unprofessional. When done correctly, showing empathy can help improve the attorney-client relationship with open communication, better testimonials, and a higher chance of client referral. What are some of the best ways you can show your clients that you care?

Support Their Success

Many attorneys work with clients who own small businesses. As a business owner yourself, you understand the many difficulties and roadblocks that come with staying ahead of the pack. When your client is expecting some success in their personal life, take a moment to congratulate them somehow. Another method is inquiring about their progress to a project or task they may have mentioned in past meetings. While not every client is open to small talk when they first walk through the door – especially in early appointments where they are most likely under a lot of stress – enough time and familiarity allows for an opportunity to get to know each other.

Consider Feedback

Many clients will not express any concerns they may have because they don’t want to sound rude. Soliciting feedback after you close their case gives them a good opportunity to address anything that may have given them pause during the time they worked with you. This shows that you are willing to improve for the sake of the people who need your services.

Provide More Accessibility

As the leader of a law firm, you want your clients to feel that they can get in touch with you and address their needs, even outside of your regular hours. Some lawyers have tackled this using digital strategies like having their own personal app. This software usually gives customers the ability to upload documentation or other information through a secure server, or gives them “hotline” access to get them in touch with the law firm as soon as possible. Your own solution to be more accessible does not have to reflect these strategies, but with so many of your clients staying connected to the phone, there are few better ways to show you are available than staying in their pocket.

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