One of the hardest challenges with converting a client is earning their trust. Before you start working for them, you need to prove your ability on how you’ve delivered on promises in the past. You can talk as much as you want about your qualifications or how your service quality stands above the competition, but new business leads for your law firm eventually requires a solid case result. When you correctly demonstrate a case result, you can show how your work has helped your clients reach a legal decision that benefits them. What are some of the elements that make for an effective case results page in your law firm website?

Determining What Your Client Needs

Your clients are preparing to make a big decision in hiring an attorney. They will be spending time, energy, and finances into someone that they want to know they can trust. Therefore, beyond knowing how well you do in your past cases, they want to know who you are. Primarily, how much you care about your own practice and how much time and energy you’ll invest into their case. Think of a doctor who is great at his practice but sees each patient as a problem rather than a person. The patient, even if they are properly treated, often leave the hospital feeling disappointed. The same idea applies to a lawyer. Your case results should show how much you cared on each individual case, how enthusiastic you are, and only then will the results of the case itself matter.

Knowing What Your Case Results Are For

A case result is more than just listing out the facts. Too often, a lawyer’s case results page is a two or three sentence paragraph that states the issue, the outcome, and the reward. Without any story or context, these brief segments don’t mean anything to the reader. Writing a compelling case result means drafting a story that gives your potential client an idea of what it is like to be in the shoes of the defendant in your past wins, and how you will work with them. Take time to explain why your work and determination mattered in each particular case.

Your Case Results Page Outline

Creating a skeleton for your case results story before getting started can help you draft a coherent, flowing story. You should include four factors into each outline: the challenges, the facts, the quest and the results. The challenges should include your persistent in overcoming the obstacles in the case. Much like a teacher grading a math quiz, your potential client doesn’t just want to see the final answer, but how you got to the answer. The facts set up the scene of your case – and the story – where you can describe the particular drama of each circumstance and the stakes involved. The quest is the process and action taking place, whether it is in the courtroom or through out-of-court arbitration. Finally, the result is where you can finally flaunt your success. Now that you have the context and story associated with the result, your potential client’s can see its significance and how it mattered to your past client.

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