When they put so much work into making their law firm different from everyone else, many attorneys believe that everyone who sees their name will remember them. The same goes for their website, which is no small task. However, the reality is that the majority of people who visit your law firm’s website remember little about it. Does this mean that building a website for your law firm is useless? Not exactly, the same numbers apply for most of a lawyer’s marketing efforts, digital or otherwise.

Why Do Potential Clients Forget You?

You are not the only website a potential client looks at when they need a lawyer. In fact, if you are in the middle of a group of websites they read through for a service, they are less likely to remember you than if you were the first or last. This positioning is why it’s so important to show up above your local competition in search engine results by utilizing SEO for your law firm. Even if you are first, you need to assume that your clients forget things by nature. They are most likely trying to absorb information that can fill out an encyclopedia, and that’s not data most minds can manage.

How Do You Help Potential Clients Remember?

You have the tools at your disposal to tackle this issue. When you have your digital marketing goals, message, and target audience already developed, then you should be able to have a short, digestible list of unique qualities that you need to remind your audience of regularly. Having a potential client remember you is part of your job. Your message and useful information should stick on almost every page on your website, but your efforts can go beyond your domain.


While you shouldn’t be sending a link to your law firm’s site to potential leads every day, you can send regular newsletters that can engage the recipients. Building client relationships is a 24/7 task, a task so thorough that some lawyers hire a marketing coordinator to help manage. If you’re not sure whether you need a marketing director, or you need a helping hand with your law firm’s digital marketing efforts, contact Market My Market today for a personal evaluation.