Let’s say you want to learn more about SEO, whether it is because you’d like to attempt some yourself or you’d like to be able to have more productive conversations with your SEO agency or consultant.

Just read our Market My Market blog.

OK, maybe not just our blog.  There are different approaches you can take, and it all depends on the amount of time you’d like to dedicate to it.  If you have some time to set aside, it would certainly be beneficial to do it on your own site or a separate site for experimentation while reading blogs, case studies, and watching tutorials.

SEO Blogs

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.52.47 PM-2So who are some of the big guys for information? Moz is fairly well-known, but I actually wouldn’t recommend them too often for SMB just because their information tends to feel like its catered to websites with > 10,000 visitors a day.  Everything is very big-scale, with major syndication and social campaigns driving the strategy and data. I do have a major appreciation for their beginner’s guide to SEO (though it is getting a little dated even if when I’m writing this it says “12.18”2015″). It is a great general overview with terminology that makes sense and is easy to digest. It is the first hand-off for any intern starting at Market My Market, so we have faith in its content!

Search Engine Land is more compatible with SEO fundamentals as a whole and how they can be applied to websites of any scale. You’ll be able to find content fairly quickly that you can
relate to, even if the first articles on the homepage may seem intimidating (like Google AdWords quality scores, Google Trends, Keyword Planner, etc etc).

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.55.48 PM-2Their how-to’s section is pretty nice and you should be able to derive some helpful information for each one. Even this quick article I found about SEO audits would be immensely helpful for an individual to be able to self-audit their site and work backwards in not only learning plenty of very important SEO topics, but also simultaneously make appropriate updates to their site that could help tremendously.

Google’s Guidelines

Of course you could read Google guidelines for SEO, but there’s a difference between the vanilla overview they will provide and the actual application of SEO experts over years and years to verify and show concrete evidence on the matter.

I know this is a quick overview, and many sources online may not be the definitive guide to learning SEO the right way (especially if you have a strong aversion to black hat/unethical techniques).  I have learned in my experience if anyone really says “this is the only way to do something” then it normally isn’t true, being that SEO is unique in the fact there are so many ways to arrive at the same place using different approaches and techniques.  It is definitely a discipline that follows a sort of “the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know” path.  But if you stick with the trends as best as you can and maybe subscribe to 1-2 blogs, this amount of “staying in the know” will be able to help your efforts substantially.

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