Meet Anastasiya Raynor, one of our accomplished content writers and social media specialists at Market My Market! Anastasiya is a pro at writing top-notch content and creating engaging social media posts for her clients. She has a bachelor’s degree in professional writing and is currently pursuing her master’s in digital marketing from Bridgewater College in Virginia online. When she’s not at work, you may find her antiquing around Houston or sharpening her creative writing skills. 

Ana enjoys working on a supportive team as well as flexing a wide range of skills every day. Her unparalleled writing skills, social media know-how, and strong work ethic make her an outstanding member of our team. She aims to hone her writing and leadership skills every day as she supports her clients and colleagues. 

Q&A with Anastasiya

What Does a Typical Workday Look Like For You?

“I’m kind of balancing a few things right now, which is really fun. “I’ll usually spend about half the day focused on writing for a specific client. Then, if I have client content edits, I’ll move on to those or do some social media. So, I juggle between those three things.”

What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

“I like how supportive and encouraging everyone is about honing an interest or skill. If I’m interested in something, everyone is like, ‘yes, please try that!’ and I think that’s really cool. I also think having the ability to be creative and strategic about what we do makes each day a little different.”

What Motivates You to Get Up For Work Every Day?

“I like being a part of a supportive team. The environment is just fun and fosters a lot of creative, friendly energy. I think it would be a lot less easy if the people I worked with weren’t great. Since I feel that everyone is awesome, it helps motivate me to do the best that I can every day.”

How Do You Wind Down After a Long Day at Work?

“Lately, I’ve been binging Netflix or playing video games when I don’t have school. Shopping is also really fun, and I love to go antiquing. It’s fun to find things that people have forgotten. They may not think they have a little treasure, but then you find it and think, ’This is the best thing ever!’.”

If You Could Have an Unlimited Supply of One Thing, What Would it Be?

“Sweet & Sour Tutti Frutti Sour Belts. They’re kind of like Airheads, but so much better because they’re actually sour.”

What is Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

“I’m bilingual, and I speak Russian and English. I also have some poetry and graduate-assisted research published.”

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“I really want to hone some leadership skills and try my hand at campaigns and copywriting. I’ve never written for a newsletter or seen a campaign through from start to finish. It’d be really cool to have a hands-on role in that process and see it all come together.”