Meet Sanjay Bogle, our dedicated and versatile Account Coordinator at Market My Market! Sanjay excels at keeping projects moving, communicating effectively across all teams, and tackling complex client requests. Born in Jamaica, Sanjay moved to Brooklyn when she was 13 and later earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from CUNY York College.

Before coming to Market My Market, Sanjay gained valuable experience as the Director of Sales and Planning Experience at a prominent moving and storage company. While no two workdays are exactly alike, Sanjay enjoys working with others and determining the best course of action for client projects. Her unique experience, drive, and positivity make her one of our team’s rising stars. When she’s not at work, you may find Sanjay relaxing by the pool, getting a massage, or designing party decor. 

Q&A With Sanjay

What Does a “Day in the Life” Look Like in Your Role?

“I log in and check my emails to see if there have been any changes with the company or any client requests to update their campaigns. Then, I move on to tasks assigned daily by the Account Managers and scope through Asana projects to ensure projects are flowing and tasks are being completed on time. I also attend client calls with the account managers to take notes and create tasks to fit the client’s requests. Basically, my job is just to oversee and make sure everything is moving along and being completed in a timely manner.”

What Do You Love the Most About Your Job?

“The thing I love most is that I get to pretty much work with everyone. I get to touch base with the SEO team, the content team, and I’m part of the account management team, so I get to speak to everyone if needed. I love to check in to make sure everyone is getting their tasks done and not falling behind and getting to be hands-on with everyone.”

What is Your Proudest Accomplishment at Market My Market?

“Honestly, my proudest accomplishment is just making it this far. I’d never done digital marketing before, so just being here and learning so much is something that I’m proud of. I’ve learned how SEO works, how to work with others to determine what is best for a client, and what it really takes to make a marketing plan work. I also love being a rock to my team and the rest of the company.”

How Would You Spend Your Perfect Saturday?

“My perfect Saturday would be a day without my kids where I can just relax and get a massage. My fiance and I love going on dinner dates, so we can go out, come back home, drink some wine, and watch Family Feud.”

If You Could Have an Unlimited Supply of One Thing, What Would it Be?

“Happiness. I love to be happy and do whatever contributes to making me happy. If I could get unlimited happiness, I feel like I’d be good.”

Who is Your Hero?

“My mom, because she’s had a difficult life but always seems to come out on top. She’s proven a lot of people wrong and shown that no matter what difficult things you go through, you can always come out on top, and I’m just super proud of her. I admire her strength and drive to overcome obstacles. I want to be just like her.”